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Hurry Up and Wait

Let me start by apologizing for the lack of updates and postings lately. Trish is still without Internet access and I am still trying to get the right people to contact her today. She spent most of the day out of her room taking Ash to appointments so when I did finally get the right computer guy on the phone he was not able to get in touch with her. Hopefully tomorrow will be a slower day for Trish and Ash and we can get her computer connected.

The girls left the room this morning and hoped from one appointment to the next all day. We have learned how hospitals work over the last 15 months and can sum it up in one phrase. "Hurry up and wait." We are always hurrying up to get Ash and all her paraphernalia to appointments so we can wait because everyone is behind. The the wait puts us behind for the next appointment so we have to wait more when we get there.

Ash had a blood transfusion this morning and it is a 4 hour infusion so the total appointment time is usually around 5 hours. This started late and you can't rush the infusion so it made them late for the endoscope of the bowel. They did eventually make it there and the scope was another good one. We are so thankful that we have never had a negative report on a scope of biopsy of Ashley's new intestine. This truly is an answered prayer. God provided just the right organs for her little body.

The vomiting episodes are getting worse not better. It is amazing how she can have so much trouble vomiting when the food is going directly into her intestine. It is not even being fed into the stomach. So Trish was once again pumping the washer and dryer full of quarter tonight. I really need to send Ashley's stroller to them tomorrow. I know it will make getting around the hospital a lot easier.

Please pray that Trish and Ash will begin to get in a routine and that their time spent alone together will get easier with time. Please pray for continued progress and the possibility the Trish and Ash could be out of the hospital completely in time for Christmas. Thank you for taking the time to check on our Gherkin and please stick with us as we are trying to get the computer situation taken care of. I know you guys are missing Trish's postings. She really does do a much better job of keeping you informed than I do.

Have a Terrific Night and enjoy your families.



At 11:35 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

You did great Dave & thanks for the update.... we are praying....continuously. Hang in there Trish & Ash.... Progress....progress...every gain is such a PRAISE!!! Night...night.

At 12:59 AM , Anonymous Janiece Baldwin said...

Well, Dave, an update is better than no update at all. Just kidding, really. We just want to get some word about your two girls, whatever it takes. We just wait from one posting to another because we love and care for your family and we have grown so close through these udates every day that if/when we don't get one, it seems like it is forever in between. So you hang in there and continue posting so we will know what is going on. It's the unknown for us that gets to us. We are here because we love you, support you, pray for you and we are here for the long haul. Praying that right now the two girls are sleeping in their room and that towmorrow will not be a so "hurry up and wait" kind of a day. Praying for the vomiting to get under control and the overall healing process to just get better and better. We are so thankful for Ashley's Story and so happy to be involved. Thank you for letting us share it.

At 9:09 AM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Trish, I'm praying today that either Ashley's vomiting episodes will stop, or that the doctors will find a specific cause of it and fix it.

Dave, thank you for continuing to post updates; I love reading first thing everyday to see how your girls are doing!


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