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Their first night

The girls survived their first night in their new home. It was such a blessing for them to be alone and in the same room tucked into their beds last night. Their is a rocking chair and Trish was able to hold Ash and rock her to sleep. This was an activity we took for granted with our first two children that was just an amazing opportunity for them to share last night. Ash had a couple of vomiting episodes through the night and 3 more this morning. We are learning that this will just be our new normal. Ash had never thrown up even one time prior to the transplant. In our old ICU in Dallas she was one of the only babies that did not have vomiting problems. We hate to see her struggle with this now however we believe it to be caused by the medication she is taking. Unfortunately in order to avoid rejection of her new parts the drugs are a necessary evil. So in order to give her body the best chance at keeping the organs she will have to suffer the vomiting. Over the course of the next year they will be adjusting the meds and finding the right combination so over time we hope to see an improvement in this department. God is in control.

If you have ever been around Ashley you will know that she never has a shortage of pink blankets. She is well stocked and well taken care of in the pink blanket department. Last night she managed to soil all but 3 of them. It is a good thing we got a room next to the laundry room because Trish will be spending a lot of time in there. Trish will be pumping the washer and dryer full of quarters like they were slot machines and she was in Vegas. Except here she wins every time. In go dirty blankets and out pop clean ones.

Trish and Ash will be going on their first outing today. They are going to head downstairs for a scope of her new bowel. I can just picture it now. Ash will be wearing her little mask with Mickey Mouse prints on it. I have no idea how Trish is going to convince her to keep it on her little face. I do hope she takes some pictures. Trish is better at me in typing posts, but I am much better at posting pictures and video. I will try to talk her through the process over the phone and work hard from my end to get those pictures up for you guys.



At 12:11 PM , Anonymous Amy Borden said...

Thanksgiving and a stomach bug have thrown me out of the loop for several days ~ much to my delight, Ashley and Trish are in a new room! I am thrilled for them and for the rest of yall!

Since Morgan, my daughter, was a micropreemie I understand a little of Ashley's issues. Morgan has a Mic-key button and severe reflux. We have dealt with the vomitting in the past and I was wondering if anyone has shared concerns that the vomitting may be reflux. There is a procedure that they do many times with a Mic-key called a Nissen (sp?)(a procedure that helps prevent vomitting). Ash may have this already or you may already know about it... but if not, it might be something to simply ask her doctors about. Morgan did not require this, so my knowledge of it is very limited.

Praying for Ash, Trish and the rest of the family today :O).

At 11:00 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

I hope that things are continuing to go well in the new room for you guys. Iknow it must be so nice to not be intruded on every half hour or more. Maybe you both can start to get some real rest now that you are in that new room. We are soooo excited for you. Our God is so awesome. We will continue our prayers for you all and hope that the kinks with the internet in the new room are worked out soon so that you can read everyone's notes of encouragement!! Much love and prayers.


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