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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Tonight as I prepare to head home tomorrow I am encouraged by the possibilities. I am so thankful for the time I got to spend with my girls. I am glad that Trish is here with Ash. There is no one I would want to be here more than Trish. She is an amazing mother who is so strong for our three children. I learn so much each time I come and watch her care for Ash.

We got some potentially good news today. Remember how certain people around here want to be joy squashers. Well there are others who want our Gherkin to have a wonderful Christmas. There is a possibility that Trish and Ash may get to move out of the PICU and into the Nebraska House. It is kind of like and apartment and is sort of half way point to get you out of the hospital. It is attached to the hospital and you still have access to medical care. One big difference is that you are allowed to have Christmas Trees with pretty lights that make little Gherkins say "OOooooooo!" They will set Ash up with all of her feeding pumps and supplies in the room and Trish will provide all the care. The doctors will come to the room for daily rounds and manage Ashley's care in that environment. It is not really out of the hospital but it is much closer than we have been in 2 months. Tonight I pray that Ash will remain stable enough and show enough progress that this possibility will soon become a reality. Thank you Lord for showing us these possibilities today.


At 1:49 AM , Anonymous Janiece Baldwin said...

Joining in prayer for the possibility to become reality. Praying, praying......for all things to come together in a positive way concerning Ashley's feedings and the timing of leaving the PICU. Praying, too, for this to be a special Christmas in celebration of the blessing of renewed hope. Lord how we trust You in every situation in little Ashley's life. You are the hope in all things, You are Sovereign, You are Creator, You are the Great Physican, You are love and we thank you in advance for all that You have in store in Your mighty plan for Ashley's Story.
I pray that You give Dave safe travel as he returns home and that Bobbie, Blake and Allie are already safe back home.
Thank You, Father, that when prayers go up, blessings come down.

Praying all this in the Precious name of Jesus...Amen


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