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Bottles and Blessings...

This morning we have received the good news that Ashley's feedings are going so well that she will be given a "bottle of Blessing"! Can you believe it? Dave and I are so excited that Ashley has tolerated her feedings. The surgeon asked if she had been given anything by mouth yet and when we told her "No, but we think she is ready." She said she thought we should try it. Ashley's daddy requested a pink bottle for his princess and they actually gave us one. They will be increasing her feeds to 25ccs per hour and going DOWN on her TPN to 15! She has never been on this low of an amount. We are doing the happy dance in our Christmas Cave this morning. I really don't expect her to actually want to drink it in the beginning, but it is a skill I am sure she can learn again. How blessed we feel this morning! Ash looks better this morning than she has since we arrived. Her color is beautiful, her smile is charming, her laugh is contagious, and her eyes are twinkling. She is oohing and awing at all of her toys, and she is playing peek-a-boo and patty cake with her daddy. My heart is so blessed by the spirit that I see in her. She looks good and I think she actually feels good too.

Yesterday, Dave and I were blessed with a wonderful Thanksgiving meal provided by our new friends here in Omaha. How blessed we felt by their kindness. The food was delicious and so appreciated. Thank you for thinking of us and for wanting to share part of your holiday with us. Our hearts were truly touched, and we are Thankful for you.

The blessings we find surrounding us this morning are so big they could not be "bottled" up. We had to share them with you all because we know it is the prayers of those who love our Ashley that are making a difference in her life. We are so blessed to be parenting this little one and to be watching the Father move in her life each and every day.

I am going to go now and try to get our Ashley to remember how to eat from her bottle full of blessings. Thanks so much for checking in on her today.


At 11:24 AM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I'm so happy for all of you! Reading about Ashley's progress today makes my day:)

My last two children NEVER took a bottle, but they took to a sippy cup as babies--if she won't take a bottle, do you think she might try a cup or straw?

I hope today is one more day toward total health for Ashley. :)

At 5:01 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

WhoHoooooo!!! Yipee!! You go Ashley..... & I am praising our heavenly father today for this wonderful news. Hope you have a fabulous day filled with even more blessings & wonder than you ever dreamed possible.

At 9:10 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

GO ASHLEY, GO!!!!!!!! WE ARE CHEERING YOU ON AND KEEP UP THAT BOTTLE STUFF!!!! we are soo excited for you! we are praying for you and all those daily struggles, (like learning the bottle thing again!) so keep up the good work.
God keep blessing you,


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