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Renewed and Refreshed

This morning I feel so renewed and refreshed by a good nights sleep. It is amazing how good it feels to lay down in a bed after sleeping in a chair for 2 months. Although I am feeling well rested and chipper, poor Dave is very tired. He did not fall asleep until after 4:00a.m. and Ashley Kate had him up playing by 7:00a.m. He acts like it bothered him, but he is just trying to play tough. He is so in love with this baby girl that he would sit up night after night playing with her. My heart is always so blessed as I sit back and just watch him with her. They rocked and sang and played for hours on end. She is so happy to see him now that she figured out it was her dad who snuck into the "cave" late last night. It took her a minute because she had just gotten up from a 4 hour nap. This morning I found him laying next to her in her bed playing peek-a -boo under her blankets. She is so funny as she "grunts" and squeels with excitement as he found her hiding. To see the two of them playing just does so much for me. I love his visits as much as she does.

We think Ashley looks fantastic this morning! They are increasing her feeds to 15cc per hour and are you ready for the really good news? They will be decreasing her TPN from 30cc to25! Yeah! for Ash. If she continues to do well without any vomitting and without contracting a virus( which is every where up here) then I can see us leaving the PICU in the near future. I am feeling so blessed and encouraged by the progress in her feeds. I know it isn't much, but when you haven't eaten in two months 15ccs an hour is like having a big Thanksgiving dinner. How appropriate that He has blessed us by allowing our little one to eat right at the Thanksgiving holiday.

I would like to ask everyone to pray for a young girl named Jordan from back home in Longview. I don't have a lot of details, I only know that they found a bleed in her brain yesterday and her vitals are not stable. My heart is so very heavy for her and her family this morning as they are faced with a very difficult set of circumstances. When your children hurt your heart hurts beyond description. My prayers are with this family as they spend their holiday in an unfamiliar hospital. Father, please touch her with Your hand and please hold her close to you today. I pray that you might allow her family to feel Your presence with them as never before. Please give them strength from You.

Thank you for praying for this young girl who I have never met. I know that you are so very faithful with your prayers and I appreciate your faithfullnes to the Father. Take care . Trish


At 1:23 PM , Anonymous Amy Borden said...

I will be praying for Jordan and sharing that request with my family.

I love that Ashley is doing so well! I remember well our days on TPN and the joy of coming off of it and getting good color in our eyes and cheeks ~ such a joy! I'm sure that Ashley is going to enjoy her Thanksgiving "feast"! I pray that you and Dave will have a wonderful time together this visit. Happy Thanksgiving from your prayer warriors in Longview!

At 3:24 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

I am so sorry to hear about this sweet child .....named Jordan. She will be in my prayers. you know is in control even when we don't understand the details.
I am more thankful than ever this year for Joshua's progress....for the feeding issues & progress with Ash....for her improvement.....PRAISE >>>PRAISE...oh how I pray the TPN will not be needed soon & ....-never again there-after. Thank you Jesus for being with this family.....I pray for your continued blessings throughout the lives of each of them & that your word will spread from their lips like wildfire at ever God given opportunity of the goodness that you have done. THE LORD HATH DONE GREAT THINGS & WE ARE FILLED WITH JOY!!!!! Psalm
Isn't it hard to contain all of HIS goodness. The list is endless..... Praying you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with Dave & Ashley. We will have 16 here for dinner...should be fun....& interesting. LOL (=

At 5:48 PM , Anonymous dava mccasland said...

Great day in Omaha! Love hearing the awesome things God has done in Ashley's life. May you, Ashley and Dave have a wonderful few days together. Enjoy every second!


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