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Excitement in the Air

The air in the Christmas Cave is filled with excitement tonight as we count down the hours until Dave arrives. Only 2 more and he should walk through the door. I am so happy. I can feel the smile on my face tonight. Ashley has been sleeping all evening so I hope her daddy is ready to stay up and play all night long. She is resting up. I usually try not to think about how much I miss seeing Dave everyday, but when I know he is coming the waiting seems to take forever. Have you ever had a really good friend? I mean the kind of friend who allows you to be whoever you really are. The kind of friend who just wants to hang out even if you have absolutely nothing to do? The kind of friend who can make you laugh at the dumbest things? Of all the people in the world who could have become my very best friend I am so thankful that God made David mine. He just makes me happy. I am so looking forward to watching him spend time with Ashley this week. We have nothing to do but absorb every moment with our daughter. I just can't wait for him to get here so we can start. I just know we are going to be making memories that will carry me through until he brings the kids to visit us at Christmas.

Ash looks so good tonight. She is now taking 10ccs of formula per hour and she seems to be tolerating it well. She is as awnry as ever and giving everyone fits. She was happy to help cause trouble during her scope today and they all love to see her feeling good enough to help. As soon as Ashley received the meds to help her relax for the procedure she began to be so funny. Everyone became her friend almost immediately. She was waving to them all and reaching up to pat the nurse on the face. She began saying mama over and over again and was trying to share her toys with the doctor who was busy with the scope. When I came around the corner I could not help but laugh because with a little bit of drugs on board Ashley loves everybody. She went from crying and telling them all bye bye as they came in the room to sharing all she had and giving kisses out like they were never ending. Needless to say she kept us all laughing. How thankful I am to be here with this group of people to take care of my daughter. They are really good at what they do.

I am going to go rest in my chair until he comes walking through the door. Ash is still sleeping so things are pretty quiet in the "cave". Maybe I will just sit and thank the Father for my sweet Ashley and all that He has done. I am blessed and I am thankful I can see it. Good night guys. Take care and rest well.


At 11:03 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Praying you & Dave will have a wonderful visit with your sweet angel....(& all her antics)...(= I am just so happy & thankful for the blessings of this week & how appropriate... (Thanksgiving week). God's timing is perfect. The list of Thankfulness to HIM is endless.....

At 11:09 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

Gosh it has been a mighty long day....we have been praying for David's safe arrival. I know you are so anxious to get to see him again.

I can't hardly wait to hear what you think of our "perfect" ornament. David promises that you will actually allow him to hang this one on Ashley's tree.

I hope that you get some rest before David gets there, and that Ashley continues to tolerate her formula. I know she is going to make many more precious memories with you both this Thanksgiving. Enjoy your time together, and know that our prayers continue.

Much love and prayers!!


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