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I spent the morning playing with Ash. Biting her fingers and letting her bite mine. I did find out that her liver has a direct attachment to her jaw. The last time I put my finger in her mouth was before her transplant and her little baby Gherkin teeth would try there best to bite me. She now has a new liver and it seems to have strengthened her jaw muscles. I learned where not to put my finger in the future.

This afternoon Trish and I left the hospital for a while to go look at an apartment. Our plan was to sneak out and while Ash was sleeping take a quick look and be back before she woke up. Of course by now you would think that I would know our Ash won't cooperate with any of our plans. We never got Ash to sleep and we had an appointment so we had to leave while she was awake. She was so close to sleep we thought she would fall out while we were gone. We came back 1 1/2 hours later and Ash had still not fallen asleep. She finally fell out around 5:30pm and has not woken up since. I am afraid that I may be up all not playing with her. Oh well, I would much rather play with a Gherkin than have to go shopping the day after Thanksgiving. I think we found an apartment that will work for us. We are supposed to go back on Friday and try to finalize the plans.

Trish received a most wonderful box in the mail today. It was sent by one of the children's Mission Friends classes at our church. She opened it up and the first thing we found where cards the children made for Ash. We love these cards from little children to Ash. Trish's heart was happy as she read their messages to Ash. Next out of the box was some lotion for Trish. Oooooooo Girly!! Trish found some long Pajamas which she loved. She was telling me she wanted to go out and get some while I was here. Now she doesn't have to. She found a mug and some hot chocolate. Yep, you guys got it right. They promise us it is going to get really cold soon. Then Trish pulled out a care bare and Ash started reaching and grunting. She knew it was for her. Next out was some books including Blue's Clues. Ash was smiling and reaching and grunting. She was loving every minute of it. For someone who cannot talk she sure knows how to communicate. Thank you so much for sending this box to my girls.

I pray you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow. I know we will as our family has so much to be thankful for this year. Enjoy your families.




At 8:37 AM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! I would have posted yesterday, but by the time I got home from work and started cooking for today, the time got away from me. I wanted post before we go out of town just to let you know our entire family will be praying for you all today. We pray that God continues to bless Ashley as her feeds increase, and the she continues to be able to tolerate them well. We are all so thankful for your family and Ashley's story. You are touching so many lives through the story God has created for your family's life. We thank you for sharing it with so many people in such a public way. It has been an inspiration to a lot of families. I pray that more and more people hear of this site so that God can forever touch their hearts too. Just know our prayers continue, and that we play that God continues His blessings for your family. Much love and prayers!

At 9:22 PM , Anonymous Laura R. said...

we have some friends spending Thanksgiving with us and they have a sixteen month old little girl, so i think of ashley every time she does anything mischevious or silly. they really understand alot more that you would think. we are praying for you all the time and i am telling people in Kansas City about this special little miracle kid all the time. lots of thoughts and prayers,
Laura Roller, Kansas City, KS


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