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Sad news

Dave and I have just found out that young Jordan will not recover. The family has decided to donate her organs in a most difficult time. My heart has been so heavy for her today, and now my heart just breaks at the loss her family is experiencing. How touched I am knowing that she and her precious family will save so many lives with their gift of organ donation. Dave and I feel thankful for their decision to donate Jordan's organs. We know that without our donor family's gift our sweet Ashley would not be with us today. I pray they will someday know how much they have touched us with their decision. Tonight all that I could write about our day here in Omaha seems so insignificant compared to what has taken place in the life of this family. As precious as my daughters are to me, I know that Jordan was just as precious to her family. Again, I can't pretend to understand the whys or hows things must happen, but I do know that He is good and that He loves Jordan and her family more than words could describe. My thoughts and prayers are with them, and I pray that someday they will hold and see their sweet daughter again. Until then she will be resting safely in the arms of the One who created her. Please remember to pray for them.


At 7:24 PM , Anonymous Grandma said...

I am for sure praying for Jordan's family. I know it's a sad time and yet it is so comforting to know that she will be safe in the arms of Jesus waiting until the time she sees them again. Father, I just lift this family up to you right now and pray, dear Lord, that you will give them the comfort that only you can provide. I pray that You will surround them with your love and mercy and make sure they feel your presence at all times. Lord, I know you won't ever leave them alone, but I pray they will know that at every moment and I thank you Father, for giving them the courage to make the decision to help others like our sweet, little Ashley by giving the gift of life through organ donation. I know that decision must be hard to make and Father I thank you for them and for Ashley's donor family. Thank you Lord for holding little Jordan in your arms and keeping her safe until she is reunited with her family in Heaven. We love you, Father and thank you for answering our prayers. In Jesus name! Amen

At 9:49 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

As I am preparing my home for family & friends...for Thanksgiving......can't help but think about Jordan & the emptiness that they must be feeling & what thoughts will go through their minds each time this holiday rolls around in the future. heart breaks for them. I pray for God's peace.... I don't know this family or this child ....nor do I know the age of Jordan.....but as a mom ...I just can not imagine saying goodbye to my child. I am thankful for their gift that will save other children Ash....but is such a price to pay.... there just are no words...I can't say I understand what they are going through ....& I pray that God will spare me from that .....& that I will not ever have to bury a child. My prayers are with this family....their hearts have to be so heavy. Praying for God to lift away all that HE can....& give them peace in knowing Jordan will be with HIM ....pain paradise. God bless....Happy Thanksgiving...... Many...prayers....many HUGS....sent your way.... tonight. Love in Christ....


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