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The Joy Squashers

It would seem that some around here are not as happy about the Christmas Cave as we are. We were informed tonight that we are no longer allowed to have our lights turned on for Ashley's Christmas Tree. They cited some hospital rule about not having lights displayed in patient treatment areas. There are lots of "rules" around here and they seem to follow the ones they want when they want. It is very sad to me to see that someone wanted to take away the small bit of home that Trish established in this place. Last year when we were in the hospital in Dallas,we set up the tree with it's lights and the staff was happy to bend the rules to make sure that Ash could celebrate Christmas with her roommate Kaleb. The rule could be overlooked if they chose to. We have had the lights on for 3 weeks and there was not a problem until tonight. It really upsets me that because someone wants to be a joy squasher they hurt my wife and made her cry by taking away my girls tie to home. I should go pray about my bad attitude.



At 9:51 PM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

If it has been ok for 3 weeks.....I don't see why they have to enforce it now. That is sad. I am so sorry Trish. Hope Ash ...doesn't have anymore vomiting issues. Maybe in time as her new system adjusts to the oral will get better. Praying things take off from here....& that God will grant you the Christmas out of the hospital that you are desiring. Homebound sounds wonderful......Praying my heart with yours....& asking God's will be done...but our desire is for healing & improvement from here. Thankful for the playfulness she has had with you guys this week.


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