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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Good night and God Bless

Ashley has settled in for the night and we are now going to go to bed. After this day I feel as though I could sleep for years. She is holding her pressure in the 120's and everyone is comfortable with this for the night. They continue to wean her sedation meds in anticipation of taking her off of the ventilator tomorrow morning. It looks as though He may give Blake and Allie the "new" Christmas miracle they have been praying for. They would love for Ashley to be awake on Christmas morning. I am continuing to pray for this to happen.

In the midst of all of the concern and stress, we have tried so very hard to make today a good day for Blake and Allie. We have taken turns spending time in the family waiting room with them. I am so thankful it is right across the hall from Ashley's room. We all finished stringing our popcorn garlands tonight and we are ready to finish off our tree. Allie and I busied ourselves creating the most beautiful Gingerbread House I have ever seen. One of the Sunday School classes at Mobberly Baptist Church sent it up for us today. Thank you so very much. It was a good distraction for the children and a precious memory I will treasure forever. She even made a gumdrop snowman in the yard of our house complete with a broom and a hat! I can't wait to post the pictures for you to see. We enjoyed wonderful snacks all day courtesy of the care package sent to us by the 4th-6th grade GA class from East Jena Baptist Church in Jena, Louisiana. Thank you so much for sending it!

Today has been very difficult for us, but He has still been here. I don't know where we would be if we did not have our faith. It is my belief in who He is that helps me make it to the end of each day. I know that He has a plan for my daughter and I can see that He continues to work in her life. I do not understand why this plan must include days like today, but I am confident that He will finish the work He has started in Ashley's life. There are times when I struggle to find Him through the panic and the tears, but I have never failed to eventually see Him. He is here and He is taking care of her and I am thankful to know how very much He loves her.

Thank you for loving her. Thank you for loving us. Thank you for loving Him. When we get down to it this is all that really matters. My prayer for you is that you will be able to see and feel the love that the Father has for all of us. He loved us so much that He willingly sent His only Son. He came as a baby. He came for me. He came for you. He came for Ashley. He came to die so that we might actually live. This is love and I have never known a love like this before. May you find what you seek this Christmas and may you find His love. Good night and God Bless. Trish


At 12:07 AM , Anonymous Janiece Baldwin said...

Praying that you will have a restful, peaceful sleep and that Ashley's condition will permit her to be off the vent tomorrow and that her stats will continue to improve.

I can't wait to see the Christmas pictures and I am so happy for you that you have had the time with Blake and Allie today, inspite of things going on with little Ashley.
Thank You Lord, for never leaving us.

At 1:14 AM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Well...I am up again....(= Taking this opportunity to Pray for your sweet family & check on how darling Ash is doing. Oh I pray for GOD to allow your Allie & Blake see their hearts desire....their only CHRISTmas wish....unfold before them..... Praying that weaning Ash from the vent is going to be sucessful. Continued prayers for her blood pressure. Thanking HIM for your precious moments together as a family...& HIS intervention in lowering the blood pressure. Praying for your rest tonight....physical rest...& your overall rest in HIM. Praying for HIS peace to surround you..... & his love to overcome you. I pray that when you wake you will feel refreshed....relieved.....loved...& blessed by what GOD will do in your lives each day to come. GOD IS SO GOOD. PRAISE you JESUS. Thank you for hearing ...& answering our prayers... amen. Night night....Adams family. Off to get some zzzzzzzz's before Santa comes tomorrow. Lots of cookies to bake in the morning. (=

At 1:44 AM , Blogger Renee said...

Praying for Ashley to share Christmas with her family that loves her so much...also praying for her continued recovery!

TY for your blessings and prayers. May the Good Lord Bless you and your family...may you all have a very Merry Christmas!

God Bless you all.

At 12:21 PM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I'm hoping and praying that today is a happy day for your entire family! Sending love from TX :)


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