Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Green, Red, White & Blue

Ashley's monitor looks like a patriotic Christmas Tree. It is green on the top line with red, white & blue underneath. We have been watching Ash's Christmas tree closely tonight as Ash has had an adverse reaction to one of the meds. The reaction has caused the green (heart rate) to go over 200 and the red (blood pressure) to be in the 130's over 80's. Both of these are way to high. One good thing is that the white and the blue are where they are supposed to be. Awhile ago Blake, Allie, Grandma and I (Dad) were playing a card game where the object was to have the lowest score. Trish came in and was sharing some of the Christmas tree numbers with me and Allie looked up and asked her Mom, "Are the numbers supposed to be high or low?" We just chuckled and told her it depends on which number. They don't understand all the details on the same level we do, but I know they love Ash just as we do. We (the four of us) were in the car going to meet one of the nurses who had stored some things for us in her apartment. While driving down the road Trish asked the kids "If you guys could have anything in the world that you want for Christmas what would it be?" Both of them answered at the same time that they would like to have Ash out of the hospital. Trish said we can't do that what else would you want. Blake replied he wanted a form. "What???" we asked. The he told us he wanted a release form that would say Ash was released from the hospital. We agreed how wonderful that would be then asked the question another way. "If you got $100 for Christmas what would you do with it?" Blake said "I would donate it." Allie replied "I would donate to Ashley's fund and pay my tithe and offerings." We told them what wonderful answers they had given and how proud we are to be their parents. I can't even describe to you how blessed we are this Christmas season. We get to be together and we get to celebrate the birth of Jesus. Our Savior. For our family Christmas came early this year. We received the greatest gift of our lives on Sept 26th. This is the day that our Gherkin received her new organs given to her by a family who at a time of terrible grief decided to help save the life of another child. I pray that one day we will be able to have communication with our donor family. I pray that we will get to personally thank them for the gift they gave to our Ashley.

Tonight I want to thank each one of you for each prayer that you pray for Ashley. We know that she is still here because of the faithfulness of all who are praying on her behalf. Tonight I ask that you would pray that the numbers on Ashley's Christmas tree would find their way into the ranges they belong.

Thank you for being a part of Ashley's Story.



At 1:03 AM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

Continuing to pray for Ashley everyday! Thank you for letting us know specifically what to pray for.

Y'all have a good night's sleep in Omaha!

At 1:14 AM , Anonymous Suzanne said...

Well...I have no idea why I am up still at 1 a.m. in the morning...but ....I thought of you guys as I was wrapping presents & talking to my wonderful husband. He asked me how you were & I realized that I hadn't checked on you tonight. Sorry...but I am now praying for her vitals to improve to within normal limits. Oh...I pray for SANTA (= or in this situation .....AKA (GOD) answer sweet Allie & Blake's CHRISTmas desire. Praying for healing. humbled I become in the thought of what an AMAZING GOD we serve.... don't you just get chills....thinking of HIM & what HE can do? "Expecting a miracle". (= Thankful & praising the FATHER for your time together as a family...I know that it has to do you WORLDS of good to see your other two angels..... I wasn't apart from Lauren that long during Joshua's ICU stay.....but it is SO HARD ....not to be with your family. I am praising our creator that you guys are creating wonderful memories together now. I hope & pray that soon you will ALL be in Longview together. LORD willing....LOVE IN CHRIST....(=


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