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"Where's the Snow?"

You guys been watching the weather reports. 2-3 feet of snow in CO and western NE.

Back in the summer we trying to decide on which transplant center we should take Ashley to. Our choices where Miami and Omaha. For a variety of reasons we ultimately chose to list Ashley for organs in Omaha. I think God truly lead us to this decision. The average wait time for organs in Miami was 3 months and in Omaha about 15 months. Ashley did not have 15 months left with her old liver. But despite this small problem OK, this HUGE problem we were led to choose to list her in Omaha. God worked a miracle and the call to come for transplant came just 3 weeks after we came home from Ash's transplant evaluation. Even as I type this today I still am amazed at how fast God provided organs for Ash.

One thing I remember about our time this summer at the transplant evaluation here in Omaha was them telling us that if we were in Omaha this winter we would get to see lots of snow. Now we are here and snow is all over CO and NE and there is not a lick of snow here. It's not even cold. Almost 50 today. I was griping about the lack of snow this morning. I was telling the nurses that I came to Omaha and it is winter and I am ready for some snow. Remember the "WHERE'S THE BEEF" lady? Well I ask "WHERE'S THE SNOW?"

I was telling Ash's nurses and doctors that if we had chosen Miami I could be wearing my flip flops and headed to the beach right now. I know they would have delivered.

I left the hospital to go get some lunch a while ago and since I have been so grumpy at the lack of snow I decided to lift my spirits by singing Christmas songs in the car. Now I know and all of you know I can't sing, but I was getting in the mood. I altered some of the words to fit our situation so here goes.

Pretend you are singing along to (Let is Snow)

Now the weather outside is warm,

They told us it would snow,

But they told us a bunch of fibs,

Where's the Snow? Where's the Snow? Where's the Snow?

OH- We finally came to Omaha,

And its winter time,

So since we came all this way,

Let it snow all day, all day, all day!!

Repeat Chorus 2X

Sing this one to (Santa Clause is coming to town)

You better watch out, you better not pout,
I'm gonna cry and I'm telling you why,
ther'er is no SNOW. :(

They told us to come, they told us it would snow,
so we came to Omaha, and wher'ers the white glow? :(

Oh they better watch out, the better look back,
I might just jump em' and attack,
Oh, where'er is our snow?

OK, now you know, not only can I not sing, but I also can't write or compose music. God gave me some talents I know, but music is most certainly not one of them.

Have a wonderful day,



At 2:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You sing and write on. God knows you can make a joyful "noise". There has got to be some kind of humor among all of the sadness. God wants our true heart to show. So happy that all of you are together. Let the snow begin !!!!!

At 3:43 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Singing along with laughter IS good for the soul. A joyful heart sings and laughs.

Today (December 21) is the first day of Winter. Now that it's Winter, perhaps there'll be snow in Omaha. In fact, I just looked at the weather forecast -- it says Snow :)

At 3:56 PM , Anonymous Grandma said...

Well, hey, Nan and me are on our way and whatcha say we bring some snow with us? From where will you get it, you ask? Don't know, but I think we want it as badly as you do, so we'll all hope together. And, BTW Dave, don't forget the words to your songs cause I want to hear them from your very own lips when we arrive. Yep, I really do. Maybe you don't sound as bad as you think to everyone - you know, moms can handle most anything! I love you all! Grandma

At 4:27 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said... while trish is writing the "diary of Ashley"....YOU can be writing the stand up comic routine you will perform with her when she gets older!!! i'd come watch it!!! halarious!!

At 4:53 PM , Anonymous Nikki said...

Uuuuuum.... You are a really good Chiropractor, David! :)


Thanks for my Birthday card. It really meant a lot that you took that time to send it with you being SO BUSY right now. It made me smile to know that you thought of it! I'm just not so sure I look back upon the 80's with quite as much fondness or humor as you do!

I am praying for a very special gift for YOUR Birthday. Only it won't be from me but from Ashley. I hope she'll give you progress in the form of better numbers on all her tests, her swelling will go down and maybe by even waking up a little bit to show off her eyes. And I hope you get a sloppy lopsided cake (OK, or steak) from Blake and Allie. Mine was melted and the colors were run together and I loved it!

Praying for ya'll. Have a good evening and remember, Adams DON'T GET the singing gene! NONE OF US!

At 7:07 PM , Blogger Lauren said...

Hi, I came here from the bluebird blogs link on Kim from Inashoe's site.

I too had a premiee w/ NEC, but thankfully, his was not severe. I will pray for your little one.

God Bless,

At 8:21 PM , Anonymous Tori said...

Sorry guys. I don't know what is going on! Did you bring the warm weather with you????


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