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Merry Christmas

Well the day is now done, and we have enjoyed another Christmas with our sweet Ashley Kate. God has been so very gracious to us, and He has allowed us to see her smile a few times, watch her play for a moment or two, and place kisses on her sweet face. She spent the majority of this Christmas day resting and dreaming. We did not open her gifts today and she did not feel well enough to peek into her stocking along with Blake and Allie, but we expect her to be feeling better and better each day so we plan on doing those things with her later this week. She did not wear her Chrismas dress, instead she stayed in her diaper with her new fuzzy bunny slippers that Grandma brought to her. We took the sweetest pictures of her in them, and I promise that once I locate the right cord we will post several new photos and video.

I believe that Blake and Allie had a wonderful Christmas, and I would like to say thank you to so many of you who thought of special things to send their way. Your gifts and your thoughtfullness during this busy season were very appreciated. So many of you sent amazing things to me, and I was blessed by each of your gifts. Thank you for the time and thought that went in to each of them. We spent the day playing games, building toys, doing crafts, and peeking in on our little "gherkin" . We took turns sitting next to her bed and watching her sleep and play. My heart is so very blessed and tears fill my eyes when I think back to the days that have led us to the place that we are in tonight. God is good, and He has given us the most amazing gifts. I can't help but think of our precious donor family on this Christmas night, and I hurt for the longing they must feel in their hearts. I pray that they were given peace and comfort today and everyday. Their gift to us allowed us to spend this special day with a tiny princess who we love more than anything, and I will forever be grateful to them.

To my family who we missed so very much today I would like to say Merry Christmas. We love you and as I spoke to you today and overheard the noises in the back ground how I longed to be there with you. I so missed tip toeing through the children asleep on the floor and around the tree while stuffing their stockings with things that would make their eyes sparkle. The laughter I overheard around the table as you "whipped" each other in a round of Sequence and Dominoes made my heart smile. I look forward to bringing our sweet baby next year and allowing her to run the show. Although we were miles apart you were all so very close to our hearts. We love you all and we pray your holiday was made precious by the One who gave us all so very much to celebrate.

Good night to each family who took the time to check on our Ashley today. We love you and we treasure your friendships. We wish a Merry Christmas. May He bless you all. Trish


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I couldn't go to bed until I checked on you one more time. I read about your Christmas dinner and you will probably remember this one for quite a while. It has blessed my heart for all of you to be together for Christmas, for Ashley's coming off the vent and waking up so her brother and sister got their Christmas Miracle. Thank You again dear Lord for this Miracle.

Last night at our Christmas Eve Candlelight Service the sanctuary was filled with so many people. Before the service begain, I shared the "Christmas Miracle" story with the one in charge of the service since our Pastor was away and asked if he would share it with the congregation.
He opened the service by saying that many people are keeping up with Ashley's Story and about the children's wish, to be able to see/play interact with Ashley, for her to open her eyes and recognize them and that they DID GET their Christmas Miracle. That in keeping with the spirit of Christmas what a wonderful gift they recieved. My heart was so blessed when all over the sanctuary, you could hear the reaction coming from the people with their ooohhhs, aawwwws and amens.I felt the tears on my cheeks. What a wonderful beginning to a beautiful service.
As I was reflecting over this today, I can't help but believe that with that Christmas Miracle some one and/or some lives, who are keeping up with Ashley's Story, have been changed and that it has brought people closer to the Lord and He has been glorified.
What a nice birthday present for Jesus.
Thank you, for writing Ashley's story and sharing all about your family with us. It has been a Merry Christmas.....


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