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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Waiting for our Christmas Miracle

Today is the day. Its Christmas Eve and we are waiting on Ashley to wake up so that the kids might actually see their "Christmas Miracle". A week ago I would have never even thought it possible to have Ashley breathing on her own by Christmas, but that is exactly what God is good at. Doing the impossible. Things that we could not do, things that only He can make happen. She looks so beautiful this morning! Her skin color is amazing and her little cheeks are rosy. Rosy enough to be Santa's little helper.

Her blood pressure is still a little high, but it is under control with the IV drip. They will be attempting to wean it back as they wean the steroid dose. They have written for an incredibly high dose of oral blood pressure med in hopes that it will help regulate the problem. I am praying that she will tolerate the changes and be able to become stronger and stronger.

Allie has been busy wrapping gifts for all the children on the floor. She and Blake will spend the morning delivering a little Christmas Cheer to the other patients. They are so excited. I really appreciate our parents for making this possible. There is nothing that quite compares to a giving heart. I would rather see the smile on their faces from giving to someone rather than a smile on their faces from receiving. We are anxiously awaiting the delivery time.

This morning I am counting my blessings for being in this place that we are. We are all together and that makes this holiday more than special. Blake and Allison are more excited about being with Ashley than they are about anything they see under the tree, and that makes a mom's heart smile. We are truly, truly blessed.

I am going to go see how close we are now to removing Ash's breathing tube. I will update you all after she is awake and breathing on her own. Thank you for your prayers and for all the amazing things you do each day for my family. We wish you all a Merry Christmas. Trish


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