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Fun Run ins

Today has been filled with some really fun things for me. As I have run around town I have found myself involved with a few run ins. None of them involved the police, and they didn't involve my car but they all involved friends. New and old friends. Some I have known for years like the one I saw in the pharmacy early this morning, another I hadn't seen in years like the one I ran into in Lowes, and some I had never met face to face until today but because of Ashley's story we were already friends. How blessed I felt knowing I could see familiar, friendly faces no matter where I ran into. Just being home and in a position to see my friends again is one of the best feeling in the world. It just made my day to visit with them all.

I sit here now rocking and typing and rocking and typing. My sweet little Ash is not feeling too well today. She woke up smiling and vomiting and then her smiles turned into fussing. Nan took care of her for a while so I could run some errands and pick up supplies for the remodel, but she eventually had to call me because Ash was just so miserable. She has no fever so I am pretty confident it is all related to her chemo treatment, but you just never know. So when I get a call I stop whatever I am in the middle of and come as quickly as I can. After making an assessment and not seeing any obvious signs I begin to breathe again and settle in for a rough ride. Nothing I do seems to help so I just keep walking and rocking and talking. One of the greatest things about this process is that my arms are actually getting tired. Not tired of holding her, but tired FROM holding her. She is so big! 22lbs!

As far as the remodel goes it seems we take one step forward and two or three or four steps back. That is just the way it goes with older houses. Unfortunately we happen to love our old house and we would really like to continue raising our family in it. Dave and Gene are ready to throw me and my book out of the house. I bought a book with several pictures of bathrooms that I like. They ask me how I would like something done and I answer, "Just look in the book." The problem is that my bathrooms aren't the same size as the ones in my book and I also want them to mix and match different features from different pictures that I have picked out. All I know is that I can see how I would like it to be and I hope that they can come as close to my book as possible. My book has become the running joke in our house. I just keep trying to remind myself that this too shall pass and once it has it will all look so nice, but when you are tired it is hard to stay positive. Dave has decided to take the evening off tomorrow after my brother in law leaves and spend some time with the family. Perhaps we will walk down to the pond to do a little fishing. That would be so nice. Last night as I sat and listened to the guys snoring I realized that Dave and I had not slept in the same house in over 8 days. How sad that mad me. Even though I have moved home we still don't get to see each other. I am looking forward to tomorrow and the time we plan on spending together as a family. This remodel sure has interfered with our normal life. Good thing it is only a temporary situation.

Oh'well I ordered dinner for the guys and it is probably about time to feed them so they will be willing to keep on working. Ash has finally drifted off to sleep so I am going to sneak back into town and keep on opening my book just in case they forgot what they are supposed to be working on. Thanks so much for your prayers for our Ashley. We are keeping a close eye on her labs and her vomiting. I pray we don't have to make another mid night run into the ER for fluids. I'll get back to you all later. Take care and God Bless. Trish


At 5:32 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

How different and wonderful your life is now that you are HOME! It is so good to hear you are living a somewhat normal life with your family! I am so happy you are out of the ICU!

At 7:02 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish-that is funny about the "book" thing with the bathroom. My husband and I went through that a while back. It brought back memories! I know it's hard going all kinds of different ways and so exhausting. Just the little things like the "run-ins" is exactly what a Mommy like you needs right now. I hope they helped lift your day! As always, praying! I hope Ashley gains strength and her tummy settles soon.


At 9:34 PM , Blogger Bob&Lee said...

Trish-- It was great seeing you today. Praying thtat y'all will all be back together in your house soon. Also praying Ashley continues to make great strides in her improvement.


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