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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Boring? Blessing! Baseball.

My life since the birth of Ashley has never been boring! Everyday has been blessed. It all seems to be connected because of baseball. I know, I know this doesn't make a whole lot of sense to anyone other than me, but I have seen God work in mine and Ashley's life because I went and sat at the ball field to watch my son play. Amazing is all I can say!

The resolution of today's events once again have been connected to that wonderful game that has captured my son's passion and our hearts.

Let me just explain a small piece of the story. Years ago I met a good friend while our sons played baseball together. 3 years after that friendship developed I met another friend as a result of her son playing baseball with my first friends son who no longer played with my son but the new friends son now did. Are you lost yet? Its ok if you are because it only gets better from here. To date neither of my friends sons still play on my son's ball team,but our friedships remain and it is because of these friendships and there connection that I have a beautiful baby girl named Ashley Kate. Enough said. Last spring on the baseball field we met 2 new sets of friends. The meeting of these people would bless us and our Ashley's life time and time again. Both of our new friends from last spring work at a local hospital here in town where our sweet Ashley Kate was rushed to this very afternoon. God has once again used one of these friends that He gave to us through the baseball team to lend a helping hand in Ashley's care and protection. So to make a long story short Ash is ok, her life keeps me on my toes, I am never bored while raising my youngest daughter, we are blessed, blessed, blessed by good friends and their willingness to love our baby, and Baseball? Well, you all know how much this family including our Ashley Kate love an afternoon at the ball park watching our favorite catcher play a game or two or three but hopefully four that ends in a championship.

Ash is now fine. Catastrophy avoided. I sit back in amazement at how through the years God has been working to prepare not only my family but the many others who have played and still play a part in our Ashley's story. To think that Blake would play such a large part in building our family is just a fun piece of trivia. I am glad my life is not boring. I am thankful to know how blessed it is. Baseball, just a tool the Father used to help write her story.

I am praying the evening slows down a bit around here and that me and my girls can work on the puzzle together. Thanks guys for checking in on us. We love hearing from you, and we appreciate the time you spend in prayer for our baby gherkin. Take care. Trish


At 5:07 PM , Anonymous Laura said...

Boring? NO! Blessed? Every Minute! Baseball? Go Tarheels! God blesses us through lots of things, and like coach taylor said on Facing the Giants: Football(or baseball) is important to God if we reflect him in our playing. We are prasing God every day that ya'll are back in Texas, and we are praying for you and your house stuff, that you will find someone who is just right for the job. God Bless,
Laura Roller
P.S. can ya'll provide us with your mailing address in Texas so we can send stuff there? thanks!

At 5:43 PM , Anonymous Aunt Nikki said...

Glad to hear Ash is O.K. and that whatever it was resolved so soon. It cracks me up how calm you are now. Thank you, God. As far as baseball - I don't understand people that DON'T like it. It has been my favorite sport since before Blake was even born. I hope to get to watch him play again some more. The last time was a special treat. And speaking of the great American passtime, I'll just go ahead and tease you with this- we're sending something special for Ashley once she starts going to his games again. I was so excited when I found it! And, of course, it even "happened" to be in Tarheel colors.

At 7:24 PM , Blogger Sarah's In the Midst of It said...

I'm with Nikki--you are so calm about another near catastrophe! I guess after a few of them, you're able to take it all in stride?

We're always prayinig for your sweet girl--I'm glad to hear she is okay tonight!!

At 8:42 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wow, I'm so glad she is okay and you are back home. I continue to pray for her healing to God's glory! I also wish we could help with your remodel...Thinking of you all! COlleen in Ohio


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