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Planning and Playing Contractor

So living in the country is not for me! The computer service is not up to speed and I have not been able to use it all day. How frustrating it is to wait and wait and wait on something when you are so used to just pressing a button and up pops Ashley's Journal. Anyway, I am at the house now to put in a couple of hours of work and I have the opportunity to post. Let me say how thankful I am that we live in town.

Ash looks remarkably good today. She is weak and has spent the majority of the day resting, but the moments that she feels like opening her little eyes are full of joy and smiles. She has the orneriest grin and that sparkle in her eyes that tells you once she feels good enough to figure out how to get mobile we had better all watch out. I can just see her little mind working. I am so glad that she has not been vomitting. This is the first round of treatment that we have avoided the nausea. I think thats progress! I can not express how wonderful it is to have all 3 kids together. I just love watching the way she reacts to Blake and Allie. It is so much fun to see what they will do just to make their baby sister smile. I really am loving this time in our lives. Many pieces of our life seem to be in shambles(like the bathrooms), but one thing that is in tact is the joy and satisfaction we get out of being all here in Texas together. Yesterday as I was driving through town I shared with Blake just how unreal it all seems. I was just so caught off gaurd with His timing. I did not expect to be allowed to come home for several more months, but what a wonderful surprise He had in store for us. I am so, so thankful to be here!

So for most of today I have been running between flooring stores, Home Depots, and Lowes(not my favorite places to hang out). I have been busy buying supplies, bathtubs, doors, moldings, flooring, and any thing else I can think of needing to put into these two rooms. We have tried and tried to find a contractor to do the work for us because there are just not enough hours in the day once the office closes. Have you ever tried to get a hold of a contractor? It is not easy. They are all too busy to take on our little bathroom projects. We actuallly had one come out and tell us he would bring a crew over to begin on Thursday but he never actually showed up and he never returned our call. I tried to give him the benefit of the doubt and think maybe he would call today or perhaps show up to work, but he didn't. I wish he would have told us he just couldn't take it on or anything other than saying I will be here tomorrow and then deciding not to show up. We are in a bind and although it seems impossible to me at this point I am just trusting that God knew well in advance of sending us home that we would be facing these issues. So what if we have to live with Grandma and Graypa for the next 6 months? At least we are all there together. Although I don't think my father in law is going to want us living there that long. I have called my brother in law to come in next week and he is going to be able to put in 4 full days of work. I know he is busy and this will be time spent away from his family so I really appreciate his willingness to come and work for us. He will be making the 6 hour trip in on Tuesday evening after he finishes at his job.

Ash is busy hanging out with Grandma and Allison tonight as I plan to go knock out some of the tiles in our master bathroom. I really have NO idea what I am doing, so I hope I don't end up in the emergency room. Just think I never thought I had what it took to become skilled in the nursing profession, but look what God had in store for me. Now I guess He would like me to add the title of Contractor to my list of talents. It really is kind of exciting to see what I am capable of doing. At least I think this will be exciting? As long as I don't come out of there bleeding, I will be fine. Thanks for checking on our little pickle. Your time here does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. I pray you are all able to enjoy any weekend projects you have in store for your families and that most of all you just get to enjoy spending it together. I will post later as long as I haven't cut off my fingers or anything catastrophic like that. Take care ,Trish


At 6:46 PM , Anonymous christy said...

ok ...too funny....and is fun to see what all we are capable of!! i do hope you remain safe and have a wonderful time playing contractor!! sounds great!! tearing things up!!...what fun!!
still praying ...glad ashley isn't nauseated.

At 7:12 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish, Have you tried to call East Texas Restoration? The man that owns the company is named Pat Sweeney. He is a wonderful, honest Christian man. I am sure you would be very happy with him. His office phone number is 903/757-6666 and his home number is 903/643-2400 I hope you can get this worked out real soon. I know how frustrating it must be for all of you. God has everything under control so it will all work out. I am so happy that Ashley is not vomiting now. That is a true blessings. God knows how many miracles she has been through over and over again. He keeps on performing them and I just praise him for that. I am working on getting a benefit concert together on Ashley's behalf. Right now it is set for June 2nd from 5 to 8 p.m. It is probably going to be at Letourneau University. I have already been in touch with them and they will get back with me on Monday or Tuesday. The performers doing the benefit are going to be Danny Ray Harris, Garry Mulgrew, and Linda Lang. Possibly a few more but, they have not confirmed just yet. I will keep you posted as the information becomes available to me. Matter of fact Linda Lang has agreed to do several benefit concerts on Ashley's behalf. Danny Ray Harris is from Bay Minette, AL, Garry Mulgrew and his wife are from Whitehouse, and Linda Lang is here in East Texas. Well, take care. Try to rest as time permits. Praying for all of you. Blessings your way always,
Cynthia Adams

At 7:34 PM , Blogger Mayhem & Miracles said...

Wish I could come to help you. I really enjoy remodeling projects, believe it or not. You probably won't see this in time, but the trick to hitting tile is to cover it with a cloth first. Graypa knows all this stuff. He probably already told great detail. :0) I am glad to hear Ash is not vomiting and feeling both playful and sleepy. So her body will get good recovery. I too am still amazed at God's gracious timing and celebrating that His goodness has shown forth in bringing you home to all be together.

At 9:09 PM , Blogger jtcosby said...

You are so CRACKING ME UP! I wish I could come down there and contract for you. My family lives in Houston, but I am thinking that is not that close to you...If there is anything you think I could do from here, TELL ME! I am REALLY good on the phone...I would love to help. Praying you keep all of your fingers and stitches free! :)

At 9:43 PM , Anonymous Regina said...

Trish - It is such a wonderful blessing that Ashley is not vomitting. When our children are miserable, we ache for them.

Good luck on your quest for a contractor. You are a determined and aggressive woman ... I have no doubt that you will find the PERFECT contractor!!! (Just kidding!)

Please know that my thoughts and prayers are with you! Regina

At 10:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Trish--I am so glad Ashley is not vomitting and she is resting between smiles and grins. What a blessing! She is so strong!

You also made me laugh. Tearing tile out is not an easy job, dear one. I pray you did OK with that. I will be praying that perhaps you can get a contractor real soon. I know David and you are very worn out. I will be praying for your brother-in-law as well.

Take care of yourself and try to get some rest. I love you!



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