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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Going the wrong direction

Today has not been a good day for Ashley Kate. Last night Trish was up every two hours and all her work paid off with a successful opening of Ashley's right upper lobe. Unfortunately that was the last of the good news for Ash today. She began to have more and more difficulty breathing today and and x-ray showed a re-accumulation of fluid in her left lung. There was enough that she has been re-admitted into the ICU and has had a chest tube placed in her left lung. She is not yet back on the ventilator but has had to go to the high flow oxygen mask. It really makes no since as for the last 5-6 days she has had very little drainage from the left chest tube. That is why it was pulled and so this setback is just hard to swallow. Ash has been poked and sticked tonight as they have tried to place IV's but with no success. She will be going to the operating room in the morning to have a central line placed. Our plans of bringing Ash home were premature.

Tonight I have 2 prayer requests. First please pray for Ash as she continues to fight. Pray for comfort and safety as the again undergoes invasive procedures. Please pray that this will be a minor setback for her. Secondly I ask that you pray for Trish. She is very heartbroken and homesick. She is a wonderful Mom and just wants to bring her family together again. She needs to bring Ashley home. Thank you for your faithfulness to our family.



PS please continue to comment as Trish can read them and draws much needed strength from your prayers and encouraging words.


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