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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


A lot of growing up

Lately there has been an awful lot of growing up around here. Along with this sudden urge to grow up has come an awful lot of discipline too. Unfortunately as young people try and find there way and figure out what is supposed to come next they sometimes make mistakes and as the mom its my job to correct and teach into those mistakes. Oh, my the tears that are flowing these days from the eyes of our 10 year old! Little corrections that she makes into huge drama just because she is 10 and she is growing up. Fortunately I have been able to use the last two incidents to teach mercy and grace to my beautiful Allie and have had the opportunity to see the growth and the beauty increase inside of her heart.

This morning another opportunity presented itself and the kiss on my cheek and the smile on her face are things I wouldn't have traded for anything. Sometimes the mistakes can be seen as blessings and can actually bring us closer. After coming out of the shower this morning Al suddenly realized she had left her backpack in grandma's car yesterday. Panic quickly set in as she realized her correction folder and her math assignment would both be counted late and points would be deducted. The tears began to flow and I simply said, "Its alright. You made a mistake and mom and dad aren't upset that your homework will be counted late."

"What?" she answered. "You mean I'm not going to be grounded this week?"

"No, you made a mistake and its going to be ok. Just have a good day and don't worry about it because we aren't worried about it."

"I just don't get it," she said. "Last week I was grounded for not getting my math done the night before and for not doing my corrections and this week I'm not?"

Dave jumped in and said, "Last week it was disobedience and this week it was a mistake. There's a difference. You chose to ignore being told to finish your homework and waited until we were walking out the door the next morning. This week you just forgot and thats ok. See the difference?"

With a lighter heart than when she sat down and with dried up tears she bounced up, kissed me on the cheek, gave us a little grin and with a shrug of her shoulders said, "I love you guys".

She left for school with a happy heart and in the end that is far more important than corrected assignments and math homework that is turned in on time. At least in our book it is. Allison Brooke is growing up before my eyes and the little girl I have loved is maturing into a young lady. Down came the pastel pink and yellow walls, the painted ceiling and its puffy clouds, the picket fence bed and flower garden gates and up has gone the deepest shade of purple, velvet, satin and lace bedding, a chandelier, and alarm clock. I cried tears of sadness and joy as I took down our little girls bedroom and put up our young lady's . She is a beautiful girl who still has lots and lots of growing up to do, but it has begun and my prayer is that her heart will reflect true beauty and when the time comes she will know how to grant mercy and grace to others.

Thankfully we have a baby gherkin is isn't complaining about the garden gates and picket fences in her bedroom. I think it has made the whole process a little easier on this mommy's heart.


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