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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Just walked in

Ash and I just walked in the door and things went well. It was a very LONG day that began at 4 this morning. The surgeon was pleased and told me her bleeding was minimal. He made to incisions(small ones) and stitched them up just to be careful. She is bruised and sore, still a little groggy, and HUNGRY. I love that last word. She is sitting in her chair eating a late lunch/early dinner and my heart is blessed to see that she finally understands what hunger is and that she is willing to open her little mouth and fix it.

The worst part of the day was definitely the IV attempts. She is bruised every where! They did the best they could with what she has to work with, but it still hurts and breaks our hearts for her. Once she woke up in recovery she decided to pull the IV out herself and I just smiled knowing that thats her style. She decides when enough is enough and always has(remember how many of her central lines and chest tubes she removed on her own last year?).

My heart is blessed to know that she made it through without complication and that we will be able to follow our plans to travel this weekend. We get to put the whole blood clot/coumidin issue behind us and move into her 3rd year without a central line. God is so good! Last year as she turned 2 I had no idea that we would have end up literally fighting for her life on two more occasions, but we did and He was so faithful to bring her through again and again. The year held more heartbreak and more happiness than I could have ever guessed. What a journey.

Thank you so very much for lifting her up in prayer this morning. Your prayers mean more than you will ever know. Again, your continued presence in our lives through Ash's story and this journal are a blessing. I really appreciate each and every one of you.

I'm going to try and catch a short nap next to Ash before her daddy walks through the door. We still have some organizing and packing to finish before heading out Friday morning. It will probably be another late night at our house. Take care my friends. Trish


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