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National Bound

We are on our way out the door. The Tarheels will all arrive at Nationals sometime throughout the day and we will meet early in the morning for check in then the fun will begin. The guys play hard all year and look forward to this week and we can't believe it is finally here. Blake and his bleach haired buddies look so different! All 10 of our Tarheels took the plunge into a bottle of bleach and came out looking so cool. Most of us moms are still stunned because this is so out of character for our boys. Blake is so serious when it comes to baseball, no messing around, and no dis respecting the game of baseball, the field or your team, but he is pumped about their blond hair and this tournament. Its just so fun watching him with the guys. I promise I'll post a picture of this bleached bunch next week.

The girls and I will be tagging along behind them all week long. Dave is going with us for the weekend and then will have to be back in the office for Monday morning through Wednesday. Hopefully our boys will still be in tournament play for Thursday which will bring Dave back to join us. If not then we are considering a jaunt down to Schlitterbaun(?sp) for the remainder of the week. Obviously we would prefer to be playing baseball, so we will just wait and see.

Ashley Kate received one of her birthday gifts early so that she might have it available for the week. She got a new wagon complete with shade cover and play tables to hold her fan and her Blue DVD just in case she prefers that rather than a ballgame after watching them all week long. She loves the wagon and has been playing in it for 2 days. Grandma and Graypa are going along with us to help keep her comfortable in the RV during the heat of the day so I can be with Blake at those games.

Last night Blake was trying to figure out what therapy equipment could be used inside the RV for the week. He made sure I understood that she couldn't go a WHOLE week without practicing. This made me smile as I listened to him work it all out, how much time he thought he would have to work with her between games and activities, who would have to do this and that when he couldn't. I love that he loves her so very much! So we decided on her ball and wedge mat.

Anyway just wanted to give you a heads up that we might be away for a few days. I have no idea when I will find a connection, but when I do I will update on Ash, the Tarheels, and all that is happening in our little family. Take care guys. Trish


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