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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Several Topics

First and foremost I would like to ask you to please pray for one of our journal readers and her family. She sent me a message sharing with me that her 18 year old son passed away this morning. I won't share names, but I will share my request. Please remember to lift them up in prayer. I know their hearts must be broken as they travel this difficult path. Thank you for loving Him enough to pray for others.

Next, the backpack orders. I received many, many orders and that makes me smile that so many of you would take me up on my offer to order them for you. I only received 4 emails that gave me enough information to complete the order and get them back to you. If you have not given me a shipping address, sent your payment, or given me the name you would like embroidered on the backpack could you please e-mail me? I want you to be happy and I will do my very best to grant your requests for specific colors, but I don't have anyway of knowing what the vendor will bring. I am going to list the names of those whom I know exactly what they want and where they would like them sent. The list is much shorter than the order list so if you don't see your name in this post please e-mail the missing information. My e-mail is:

Pam for Mallory's bag
Susan for Hazel and Emilly's bags
Tara for Anaka's bag
Chan for Caylea, Carolina, and Caden's bags( I will try and bring them with me next weekend)

If your name is not on the list then I am missing a shipping address, or a name for the backpack. Most of you sent your color preferences.

I am still missing many payments. I will not be able to order unless I have your payments. I won't cash your checks until I know that the vendor is there and will fill the order. You can send your checks to our office address: 101B Woodbine Place, Longview, TX, 75601.

Again it is my pleasure to order, pick up and ship them to you. We are leaving next Friday so if you could reply promptly I would appreciate it.

Some of you have been asking what size Ashley Kate is wearing now. She is in a 3T( I like her clothes to be a little roomy for her ostomy, mickey button and central line. if she didn't have these "extras" she would be a 2T) and a size 5 shoe. She is about 28lbs and 34and1/2 " long. She is growing so quickly and is now permanently on the growth chart. She looks so tall when she is in her stander! She is almost up to Allie's waist!

I have lots of great photos I want to share from our trip last week, but unfortunately my computer won't transfer them right now. We are working on the problem and as soon as I figure it out I will post new pictures. I really want you to see her in her bathing suit! She is so cute!

I'm off to run errands for more birthday supplies. Queen Frostine and Lord Licorice will be coming to life this weekend and we need more paints. The candy path and the giant size lollipops and gumdrops will be finished as well. We will be out at the pond in the shop all weekend, but I will attempt to post at least once. I might even give you a sneak peek of some of our characters. I'm so excited about this party. Its going to be so much fun!


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