Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


We're Having Issues

Lots of them.

Mostly with the computer which doesn't want to allow me to be on line for more than a minute or two. I can type pretty fast, but not fast enough to write a post in those two minutes.

Some issues we are having in other areas. Areas like...her glasses!

There supposed to be on her face helping her little eyes to see. Yeah right! They stay on her face as long as mommy or daddy are sitting in front of her keeping her hands off of them, but the minute we step out of the room you can hear them sliding(lenses down of course!) across the hard wood floors. I'm telling you if I step foot into that optical center one more time with her glasses they are going to take that warranty, tear it into little pieces, and throw it AND me out the door. They had NO idea who they were offering a years warranty to!

Another area? Therapy. She doesn't want to "play" our little game. Learn to crawl? What for she wonders. Stand on her own two feet? Why in the world would she want to do that when she has a mom to carry her around from place to place. After all that is her job, right? Oh, she's moving across the floor and making progress in that area except that her method of movement is the most unconventional method you have ever seen. It is not going to lead to crawling, let alone walking. It basically scoots her little self anywhere she wants to go in the family room so that she might get into trouble by pulling things off the table, or rocking large, glass pumpkins against the tiles on the fire place.

One more area? Lets just say when she's done, she's done. With her food that is. She can slap a spoon full of food out of my hands faster than I can see it coming and what a mess she leaves me to clean up. If it didn't have that element of surprise then I might not laugh at her and make her feel as though I'm encouraging this behavior, but you try not to laugh with peas and brown rice on your glasses and hers! This child is such a mess!

My biggest Issue as of late? I just love her more and more and more. Flash those twinkly eyes and that big smile at me and I melt. Clap those tiny hands at her own accomplishments whether they be naughty or not and I can't help but applaud too. I love her so much and she is the cutest thing around. I'm really struggling with discipline and correction where she's concerned. After all she is 3 and she is as ornery as can be. You would think some of this behaviour would warrant a "no, no" every now and then , but she cries the biggest, wettest tears you have ever seen every time I say those words to her. She shakes her head no, no and spanks her own hand and it absolutely breaks my heart, her daddy's, and Blake and Allie's too. None of us are any good when it comes to correcting Ashley Kate. Last week, Dave actually cried more tears than she did as he attempted to correct her. All I could do was laugh as he held her and wiped the tears from her cheeks and his eyes. He looked up at me and said, "I can't do this." Honestly, I had to laugh out loud. I'm telling you we're having issues.

Speaking of issues...guess who has pulled off another ostomy bag tonight? Yep, thats right. I' ve gotta go clean up the pickle and the "pickle" she's gotten herself into. Take care my friends. Trish


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