Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ride 'em Cowgirl

Here she is. Can you believe it? It brought tears to our eyes. To know that our little girl who lay fighting for life day after day, week after week, and month after month is now riding a horse brings me to my knees! How amazing is our God? Just watch and see.

Ashley Kate did so much better than I ever dreamed she would. She actually enjoyed herself. She never cried. She was never scared. She even went from her grandma's arms to the therapist without a tear! That was a first. The session was so amazing to watch. We couldn't help but feel blessed. Blessed to have this opportunity. Blessed to have Sue as our therapist who could make this possible for Ash. Blessed to live so close to this amazing place. Blessed to have Ash.

We are hoping for big things. I have no idea if we will get them or not, but are going to give it a try. We have heard so many encouraging stories, so many miracles, so many uplifting experiences that have come from this type of therapy. I pray this is our answer too. I pray this will work for our Ashley. If it doesn't produce speech or movement for our little pickle, then I will at least have the blessing of knowing that she enjoyed herself and had the opportunity to experience it.

Can you even believe that the name of her horse just happened to be...HOPE.

So perfect. That is exactly what today has given us. HOPE.

Enjoy the show. Love, Trish


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