Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



Sometimes there good...sometimes there BAD! Yesterday our baby gherkin had a BAD one. It began early in the day and lasted and lasted and lasted. She was absolutely the most disagreeable I have ever seen her! I just couldn't figure out(and still can't) what the problem was. Anyway, I went to bed last night at 8:30 with a terrible headache from all the growling and yelling that had been directed at me and guess what? I woke with the very same headache this morning and even worse than that is our Ashley woke with the very same attitude!

I saw small glimpses of her happy self once Blake arrived home from school. He had her giggling uncontrollably for a few minutes as he threatened to tickle her. That was enjoyable. Then this morning as she was growling at me for changing her diaper I told her we were going bye bye to take the kids to school and she smiled and waved the whole way out the door. Now? she is sitting in the middle of the floor screaming at her shirt and trying to pull if off over her head. I saw her go through this exact same fit 3 times yesterday and finally I just allowed her to stay in nothing but her diaper. At lunch time she ended up with green beans in her transplant scar(it is rather deep) and I allowed her to smear them all over her tummy because it made her happy for the moment.

Anyway, the best thing I can figure is that we all have good days and bad days and from time to time our attitudes can just plain stink. It looks like her attitude is going to be same today and I'm just gonna love her through it cause thats what my family does with me when I'm feeling that way.

At this time she has managed to remove her diaper but not her shirt. So here she sits, naked on the rug with a basket full of laundry strewn about. I thought the laundry might distract her for a while but it only took about 2.5 seconds for her to dump the entire thing and scatter it around.

I don't think she's sick or anything. If she is I don't see any signs of it right now. Its just a little unusual for her to be this grumpy for this long. Hopefully something will pass(whatever it is that is bothering her) and she will begin to have a better day. If not then my headache is sure to linger as well.

Hope your day is starting out a little better than ours. Have a great one. Trish


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