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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Look what she's been up to...

While mom has been recovering, Ash has been busy learning to swim. Over the weekend Dave and the kids got her ready to take the plunge and we all expected her to put up a fight. She HATES new things. Things like water, grass, concrete, and new surfaces tend to freak her out and make her scream. Much to our surprise she LOVED it! We had such a good time with her and we are looking forward to getting her back in over the upcoming weekend. She stayed in so long her little toes were wrinkly! It was so cute.

I'm finally starting to feel a little more like myself. Its been a slow recovery and thats harder for me than the whole not feeling good thing. Details of whats been going on are not really necessary because when we say it loud it just makes it way too scary. So enough of that. Just know that we are taking care of it and I'm extremely thankful to have Dave's knowledge and advice during this time. Thanks so much for your prayers.

Ash is doing well. She had blood drawn this morning and that's always a nightmare for us both. I couldn't sleep all night as I anticipated the sticks and pokes she would endure this morning. Her blood work looks a little out of whack, but I haven't heard from her transplant doctors yet. I'm expecting a call from them to hear what changes they would like made. Our hope is that she will be able to go to monthly labs from here on out, but based on this mornings results I'm not that hopeful.

We are hoping to get an approval for her to begin hippotherapy in early September. Dave and I are really looking forward to seeing what might be "awakened" inside of her nervous system as she rides the horses and feels the different movements. We have read some incredible things about this type of therapy and are anxious to get her started.

Well, that's all I have time for right now. Allie has soccer tonight and Blake has baseball so Ash and I will be running between the two fields. I will share more about our "week off" later on.

I've missed you guys. Hope your all doing well. Trish


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