Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Its Raining, Its Pouring...

... oh how I WISH we were snoring(or at least sleeping).

Ashley Kate's new found mobilities are causing a lack of sleep in our house. She can now sit up and lay down all by herself whenever she chooses. Her maneuvers are a little unconventional and completely unique, but they are hers and she has figured them out on her own. Although we are all thrilled at her accomplishments, we are all exhausted on this very first day of school. Ashley doesn't have to go to sleep when I lay her in her crib. She can sit up and play and cause as much trouble for as long as she would like. Like around 1:15, and 2:00, and 3:01, and again at 5:00, and then she falls fast asleep. Unfortunately, I have to bounce in and out of her room all throughout the night to check to see what she is up to and what she has managed to tear up. Lets just say that at one point she dismantled an entire box of wipes that I had failed to remove from her crib in the middle of the night. She was decorating or celebrating with them by stringing them as if they were streamers. I kid you not when I say that all 250 wipes were beautifully hung around the nursery as she threw them out of her crib. There were rows of them still connected hung from end to end of the crib and there she sat in the very middle applauding the work she had done. The next item she grabbed a hold of was her sock baskets that so neatly hand on the outside of her crib on two little hooks. To add to her party she tore apart each pair and distributed them around the room as well. My sweet Allie is so very tired this morning. She eventually came and asked if she could sleep on the couch around 2am and I tucked her in the best I could. She still didn't rest much because of all the commotion of me running through the living room every couple of hours. For paybacks we all got to wake her up bright and early this morning(7:30a) to drive the kids to school. At first she was fussy until she realized we were going "bye, bye" and then her sleepy little eyes twinkled and her smile could not be erased.

Now that we are back home I was hoping for a few moments to rest, but she is sad about Blake and Allie being gone. She is sitting in the family room crying and reaching for the door to go "bye, bye". Honestly, she thinks she can convince me to get her right back out in this rain to go pick them up. Not in a few hours, but NOW.

She is supposed to have a public appearance with her dad during his lunch hour, but the rain makes me nervous. I hate to get her out and expose her to so much in this kind of weather. They are the guest speakers at the Ambucs Too meeting here in town this afternoon. I have no idea how Dave is going to pull this off(I have to pick up Blake and Allie during that time). He is going to be on his own, attempting to speak, while holding(he thinks) Ashley Kate. I'm giggling to myself right now at the thought of it. I hope the attendees are understandable when she starts to wiggle away from him. Its a little late to reschedule so I suppose they will go and make the best of it. My only instruction to him is that no matter what she does he has to make sure her hair bow stays in place(you know its the important things that matter to a mom). I don't want her first public appearance to be made with her looking out of sorts.

She has now taken the bag of formula out of her feeding pump and is shaking it trying to get the lid to come off. Its going to be one of "those" days after having one of "those" nights. I LOVE this life! I really and truly do. I think its wonderful that she is here and able to cause all the trouble her little 3 year old self can muster. I just have to giggle(as I yawn) at this child who can do all of this and still not walk. What will we do once she can?

The last update on Kylie told that her fever had climbed above 104 last night and that they were suspicious of a line infection. I hope this morning brings better news. Your prayers are being greatly appreciated. We just want her to recover, begin feedings, and come home. That is our prayer.

Hope you all have a wonderful day. I just love listening to the rain! Its the getting out in it that I don't really love. Take care my friends. Trish


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