Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Still hanging on...

... and loving it! Ashley Kate is having so much fun as she experiences her new found freedom from her line. She's had one her entire life except for that brief 3 weeks last summer before she went into rejection. Its been a month now since her line was removed and the stitches are all gone and all that remains are two new scars and her new love for swimming. She absolutely hates water. Unless its in a swimming pool? We have no idea what is going on in that head of hers. She kicks and screams and cries floods of tears during each bath, but put that little girl in a swimming pool and she acts like she's been swimming her whole life. We are having so much fun watching her as she learns to kick and splash and float around. The pictures of her swimming are so adorable so I decided to share once more.

We have the paperwork! All applications are signed, scripts have been written and now we are anxiously awaiting our first riding session. I still can't believe I'm going to allow this child to ride a horse, but I am. I will do anything to give her whatever it takes to make her life as full as possible. The research and results that we have read about from the use of horses in therapy for children are amazing. We have huge hopes for Ash as she sits a the top of this huge animal. I have no idea if it will work for her, but we are going to give it a try. I think her first ride will be at the end of next week. I know she'll think I've lost my mind as I allow them to take her and place her in that arena, but I hope it won't take long for her to learn to trust not only the trainers and the therapists but the horse as well. I'm scared for her and excited all at the same time.

Ashley is making slow but sure progress in the crawling department. She's not quite doing it, but she sure is showing us that she just might take off one of these days. Dave and I love to sit back and watch her as she figures out how to get this toy or that. She has even started to try and pull up on the sides of her crib a few times. She doesn't get to her feet, but she does pull up to her knees and it amazes us each and every time. She has come so far this summer and she looks so very strong and healthy. I kind of shake and tremble as I type that because I know how quickly it can slip away, but I can't help but feel so extremely grateful.

Life is slipping back into that normal pattern that I love so very much. Day in and day out its the 5 of us living in our home, hanging out on the weekends, and experiencing the day to day family events that make up the memories I hold so near and dear to my heart. The children are so grown up now and its really quite exciting to see who they have become. To say that they love their baby sister just doesn't express what they feel for her. It is so much more than just love. Its almost like a blend of love and appreciation and enjoyment. She adores them and they take such good care of her. You never find her without one of them. Blake is always willing to snuggle with her on the couch and Allie loves nothing more than to have Ash ride around life on her hip. Their relationships are so very sweet, and I love them so,so much.

The house is quiet as the children are now tucked in and sleeping. In a few short hours the week will begin and they will be off to school and Dave will be off to the office. Ash and I will spend the morning organizing our schedule for the week making sure we can fit it all in and that we don't forget where we are supposed to be each evening. I'm tired just thinking about it so I guess its time for bed. I hope your weekend was blessed. Take care. Trish


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