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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


You Gotta Love this Girl!

There is no getting around it! Just look at her first attempt at putting on her own glasses tonight. She wanted to watch Blue and so we told her she had to put her glasses on. She protested. She cried for a while. She pointed over and over again to the T.V. trying to convince us to just turn it on, but we all stood firm and this is what happened. I LOVE this picture! We laughed and laughed at this child as she "wore" her glasses just long enough to watch her show.

This photo is another one of my favorites of the day. Allie got her ready for bed, put her jammies on her and didn't even lose the glasses during the whole process. Again, she was watching Blue, but we've decided that if it works for therapy then it can work for her glasses too. She successfully left them n her face for two thirty minute periods this evening. We are so proud!

I took Ash in to see her eye surgeon for a check up. I expected to be told she needed more patching to strengthen her eye muscles, but I didn't expect the whole glasses issue to come up. In her past visits we had been told that glasses would not help to correct any of her eye issues. I just never gave it a second thought. When he wrote the script and told me she had to be patched for 15 hours a week I thought, "yeah, right. He has no idea what he is asking." He proceeded to tell me I needed to not "baby" Ash anymore and just make her do these things. I sat stunned. If only it were a case of "babying" our daughter. If only it were that she had been spoiled. If only I had been a lazy parent or a "bad" parent. If only. Yesterday was hard. Not because she needed glasses, but because I was not sure her mind has the ability to comprehend and accept these things. She looks 3. In a lot of ways she acts 3. Her brain is not quite 3. You have no idea how painful it is for me to type that. To admit that. To share that. It was going to take so much more than "tough parenting and putting my foot down". On top of all of that I was informed that she would need another eye correction surgery in a few months. Some days its overwhelming. That is why I shed a few tears last night.

Today on the other hand has been nothing but fun! She is adorable(in our eyes). The kids response to her was amazing. They think she is "so CUTE"! They have worked with her, encouraged her and cheered for her all afternoon. Ash doesn't like those stinkin glasses one little bit, but she is willing to wear them in order to watch her show and that is cracking us up. It makes me want to tell all those doctors who want to remind us that her mental ability is not what it should be to think again. They have no idea who she is and what she does and doesn't know.

Anyway, we love her more than ever and continue to praise God for her life. We are so blessed.


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