Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


2 Down, Now what do we do?

So this is pair number two of Ashley Kate's new glasses. The have a different shape to them and the metal is pink rather than mocha. Its hard to tell in this photo, but they are pink. In less than one week she has managed to damage not one but both pairs of her glasses. The first pair are at the optical store being remade, this pair is temporarily being used but will make its trip to be repaired tomorrow when we pick up the first pair.

Hmm... she's 3. She's ornery. She's a mess. How are we supposed to make her glasses stay in one piece for longer than a week? Any suggestions?

I came of the restroom this morning and found this pink pair in the nursery floor across from our Ashley with a 90 degree angle in the right ear piece. How in the world did she manage this? After inspecting them I conclude that she used her teeth. There are tiny little grooves on both ear pieces that fit the shape and width of her teeth that told on her. The paint is missing and the ear pieces have permanent impressions in them. I bent the metal back to its proper shape but there is now a crack in them. So I explained all of this to the optical shop and biting and bending will be covered under our warranty plan. I just smiled, said thank you and let them know we would probably be on a first name basis by the end of the year.

OH Ashley, you are a mess!


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