Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


By the Way...

Pair number one was picked up at 1:30 this afternoon from being repaired.

By 4:00 they were ruined! Again!

I am about $300.00 deep into these first two pair because I was convinced to have a new, scratch proof, and different style of lens put in them that cost an additional $40.00 per pair. Yeah, right! I looked at her in my rear view mirror while I was driving to the school this afternoon and she was scraping them across her bottom row of teeth! I couldn't get pulled over fast enough to stop her. Our "new" lenses are ruined. Guess they will be seeing us again tomorrow at the optical store.

We will have them fixed, again, and tomorrow I will be ordering several, cheap, not as cute, pairs off of the internet(thanks for all the websites) to be worn at home and will be saving her "good" ones for when she is out and about.

She is a mess!!!


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