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...but it was MORE than worth it!

We just made it in from Blake's birthday party and the kids are fast asleep. I think Dave may be also. We had a great time hosting his 13th. After working each night this week until the wee morning hours I didn't think it right for me to retire to our bed until at it was at least midnight.

I'm too tired to give details or work on pictures tonight, but trust me it was really, really fun. We had 25 kids show up and Dave and I worked our tails off trying to keep up with them all. I don't think we lost anyone in the woods or left anyone floating in the pond.

The highlight of the night was when one of Blake's crazy friends jumped off the boat into the pond and our 10 year old daughter(I had to give up my dream of her being a princess years ago) followed suit. Before I knew we had 19 of the 25 swimming in the pond on a cool October evening! It was crazy, but they had so much fun.

We have a busy weekend ahead of us with soccer and baseball, and then Blake's soccer team will begin the playoffs on Monday. Life never really slows down for us, and to be honest I'm glad it doesn't. We love hanging with our kids whether it be at home, at the pond, or on the field. As long as the 5 of us are doing it together then were game for anything.

Its been a really long time since I've been this tired. Running through the woods and up and down the hill for 4 hours after spending 7 hours setting up and filling all those water balloons has done me in for the night. My legs are killing me! Its been quite a workout. I guess I'm gonna lay down for a while before it's time to get up and check on the pickle. My feet are begging me to get off of them.

Hope your Friday night was just as fun as ours. Talk to you guys soon. Trish


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