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Busy, Burdened, BLESSED

This summer is flying by at record speeds.  Our schedule with our two teenagers is busier than ever.  I've spent most of the summer on the road from this tournament or that, and I have loved every single minute of it.    At least all the minutes that I can stay awake for!  Traveling with Blake has been so much fun.  We laugh, sing, act stupid, and have an overall great time.  Making memories of being on the road with just the two of us, and I realize these are the times I will not regret.  We have had some success on the ball field and as always a few failures since thats the way it goes when playing baseball.  Last weekend we were thrilled to watch Blake hit a grand slam out of the park that just so happened to be in my home town where all my siblings and parents live.  It was SO exciting to have his grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, and close family friends there to witness.  He also had the amazing opportunity of pitching 5 innings at OU.  He did a great job and I was so proud of him.  Allie is in the middle of cheer camp this week.  She's exhausted, overwhelmed with all the new material, and having the time of her life as she learns to navigate the life of a high school cheerleader.  Visiting with her each night before bed brings a smile to may face and a little bit of sadness to my heart as I witness how very grown up she has become.  Last week as Dave dropped her off at an activity he called to let me know he was crying.  I questioned him as to why and his response cracked me up, "I almost cried after dropping her off at her very FIRST high school event."  I've always loved him, but when he shares how much being a dad means to him I really love him.  I was feeling very sentimental and then he added, "Then I really cried when they told me I had to pick her up at 5:45 a.m!"  And that is the other reason I really love him...he makes me laugh.   Allie has also been playing summer volleyball and basketball in addition to all the cheer stuff.   As those two summer leagues tapper off then the real work for making the team begins.  Two a days!  She never stops and never slows down.  Blake and I leave out early tomorrow morning to play at Rice in Houston for the next 4 days, then next week will follow that up with a tournament at TCU, and then on to Georgia for Nationals.  Busy, busy, busy.

Last night my dear friend and I were catching up on the phone when she received a call that her toddler had been in a near drowning accident at the neighbors pool.  I was instantly burdened for one who has loved us through the hardest of times in Ashley's life.  Knowing the fear and uncertainty that must be rushing through her mind all I could do was pray.  I tried to stay calm and be strong, but on the inside my heart was racing.  Totally racing not knowing the exact outcome except that he was awake and "fine".  I spent the night in and out of sleep hurting for my friend who was by her baby's bedside in a hospital room.  She's spent many a night next to me and my baby's bedside in hospital rooms.  Its a rare thing in this life to meet someone who loves you so unconditionally.  This is my someone.  She's my closest friend.  I'd go to the ends of this earth for her or her children.  Our friendship is a beautifully orchestrated event by the very hands of our God, and I'm thankful daily for her.  I woke this morning from a nightmare that was a mixture of her real life event last night and my sweet Ashley.  He spent the night in the ICU, they discovered he has aspiration pneumonia, and is on oxygen.  We are grateful for the sparing of his little life.  Grateful he will make a full recovery.  Grateful for God's grace in times where we need it the most.  Burdens are heavy at times in this life, but there are usually Blessings just around the corner that outweigh the heaviest of burdens.  In this case, sweet Brady is with us and my friend will rock her little boy to sleep another night.

Finally, I say we are BLESSED because our last set of blood cultures have NOT returned positive!  We have NOT received any middle of the night phone calls alerting us to positive growth.  For the first time in 9 WEEKS we may finally be clear of this monster bacteria that has been threatening the future of our Ashley Kate's life.  I can't express how blessed and relieved we are in words.  If all stays clear and nothing crazy happens Ash will spend her first day in more than two months without antibiotic infusion or lock on Friday.  I'm so excited and grateful.  So grateful!

Busy, burdened, but always blessed.  Life is a journey that speeds by us in record speed.  I'm doing my very best to take the time to remember the days and not forget the moments that cause me to pause, look up, and whisper my gratitude to the One who gives it all.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


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