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She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Sweetest Moment

The sweetest moment as of late with my Ashley Kate came Saturday evening as she lay on the couch, long legs stretched across my lap, with her feet in my hands.

 For as long as I can remember when my sweet Ash is feeling tired, or not so well she has wanted her feet rubbed.  I've held those feet in my hands when they were the tiniest things you had ever seen.  I've rubbed those feet for hours on end as I stood by her hospital bed.  I've had friends come to my rescue and stand rubbing those tiny feet through the night so I could have an hour or two to sit down and rest.  I've watched those precious feet grow from chubby to long and slender.  I've rubbed them through all the ups and downs. As I sat rubbing those feet a few nights ago I smiled as the memories of my girl and her obsession with rubbing her feet flooded my mind.  So many memories.

My sweet girl would sign "lotion please" "more lotion please" each and every time I would think I was winding down.  All I could do was giggle at her need for more and more and more.  She would giggle back at me each time I would start again.

I love her. Love all the little things I know about her that few others do.  Like her desire to have those little feet rubbed.  Over and over and over again.  Sweet times in our house.

LouAnn, if you see this post just wanted you to know I thought of you as I  rubbed and rubbed and rubbed the other night.  Love you my dear friend, all these years later,  for loving my baby enough to hold her tiny feet in your hands as I sat and rested.  Miss you.


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