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First Day

Its here.  Summer is officially over and the school year has begun.  My big kids, both now in HIGH SCHOOL, yikes!
I think that means Dave and I are old.  Seriously, where did the time go?  Where are those tiny people who I used to teach at our kitchen table all those year ago?  I remember so well the first day he counted to 100 and the very first sentence she ever read all by herself.  I miss those days of little people calling my name all day long and driving me crazy.  I'm just so grateful that I didn't miss out on those days.  
I've been so blessed to have been home with them all these years.  So blessed.  I wouldn't trade our life and the choices we have made for anything.  I truly believe they are the young people they are today because of those tough choices. 

I prayed for this young man today.  Actually I lay awake a good portion of last night praying for him too.  I prayed he would be a blessing today and be blessed today.  I prayed as he walks through those halls this year he would be a leader.  A leader who has the heart of a servant.  A leader who leads with humility and kindness towards others.  I prayed he would be surrounded by positive, up lifting young people and teachers.  I prayed he would grow.  Learn.  Achieve. Dream.

I prayed for this beautiful girl today. Last night too.  I spend many of my nights lying awake talking to the Father about our beautiful Allie.  Oh, how I love this girl!  I prayed her day would be blessed.  I prayed her heart would be protected.  I prayed for her to be surrounded by precious young girls who want to uplift and not tear down.  Who want to sharpen my Allie and be sharpened by her.  I prayed the mean, hateful, un kind attitudes that so often arise in girls this age would be kept away and that her fragile heart would be shielded from them.  I prayed for her to find her place in that big world of high school and that she would not lose sight of who she is in Christ.  I prayed she would see the value He has placed on her each time she catches a glimpse of herself in the mirror today.  I prayed for this child.

As we sat around the dinner table last night we had a little family meeting.  I learned a great lesson from a friend last week and I was determined to share it with my teenagers the night before their first day.  I searched and searched for my "visuals" to make my point and was left empty handed.  Disappointed I sat down in an attempt to explain my life lesson to them without it, and then I saw it.  There on our dinner plates I saw it.  So thankful for the provision, I went on to explain.

We had chicken and rice last night.  Not just chicken and rice but "Dad's famous chicken and rice".  Its Blake and Allies favorite meal.  Nothing too special about it, but something Dave made up years and years ago and he actually doesn't even eat it anymore.  I knew I wanted them to have their favorite dinner before the first day of school.  Anyway, as we sat eating our chicken and rice I stopped for a moment and asked them to look in my bowl.  "What do you see?"

"Chicken and rice."

 Then I asked them, "What do you see more of?"  One of them answered, "rice".  I went on to ask what they only saw a few of and they answered "pieces of chicken."

"Be the chicken" I told them.

"HUH?" they both said.

"Tomorrow as you walk those halls I want you to be the chicken in the school.  There will be a thousand pieces of rice that surround you, but only a few pieces of chicken.  Be that.  Be the chicken.  Its too easy to be the rice.  You are SO MUCH MORE THAN THE RICE.  You are both chicken."

They were cracking up by this time, but I kept going.  "What has more substance in my bowl?  The tiny grains of rice or the pieces of chicken?  What do you think has more value when I take a bite?"

"The chicken".

They were getting it.  Thinking I had lost my mind, but still getting it.  "You are far too valuable to settle for being a grain of rice.  You have substance.  You matter.  You were created for a bigger purpose.  Do not allow the rice to swallow you up.  It will try.  Trust me, it will.  The chicken is going to come out on top because of its substance.  It will always come out on top as the rice fills in around it."

"I'm praying you will be the chicken."

The last line of the notes I secretly placed inside of their bags this morning said this, "BE THE CHICKEN" and "KNOW THAT  I LOVE YOU", Mom

As they went to bed last night they were talking about how they would greet each other in the hallways today.  Blake is planning to cluck at Allie each time he sees her today.  I know they will be cracking up and if nothing else is gained from my little visual they will have the opportunity to smile today...and that makes me smile.

I felt kind of silly as I prayed for them today.  I asked the Father to remind them that they were chicken.  Then I laughed.  I so hope they have a great first day!

I love being a mom:)


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