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Their Home

I love knowing they have this place to come to.  I love knowing we are providing it for them.  I love knowing my big kids can walk in the front door, leave the outside world outside, and find rest here.  Inside this home the goal is to lift up, encourage, and surround them with words of kindness.

  As my kiddos grow up I'm learning that their world is a very different place than the world I had to grow up in.  Its ugly out there.  

I can't change much of who and what they are forced to deal with when they leave my front door, but I can make this a safe place for them.  A place where they know they are loved and supported.  A place where they can laugh, relax, share, talk, and cry if they need to.  We aren't going anywhere and we won't like them one day and change our minds the next.  We won't criticize, tear down, demoralize, or hurt.  We will lift them up, pray for them, support them, and enjoy them.

As a new school year begins, I worry for my big kids.  Worry about what walks in those halls waiting to pounce.  I think its impossible not to worry when your raising teenagers.  My hope and my prayer for both of them is that they know where to come, where they can let down the walls they have to put up in order to protect themselves, and where they can find rest.  My hope is that God surrounds them with kind, loving, and purpose driven friends, and that He removes those who are only pretending.

I'm hoping for a year full of goals, accomplishments, and growth for my kiddos.  I'm also hoping they have enough time to slow down and enjoy being a kid while they still have the chance.  They have their whole lives to be adults.  I'm in no hurry for them to get there.

I'm working on putting together some party posts with amazing pictures taken from Ashley's Acres.  Hopefully I'll finish them up and get them posted.


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