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Can you find the ball? Grand slam at OU Invitational July 2012

Blake and I are on the road again this week.  We are playing in a National tournament in Atlanta, Georgia!  Neither of us have ever been to Georgia so its been a really fun trip so far.  Two of my very favorite things in this world...Blake and baseball!

I'm missing my girls and wish we could all be on this trip together, but Dave needed to be in the office and Allie has volleyball so he and the girls stayed behind.  Although I'm missing them all so much, I feel SO blessed to be given this time with Blake.  We laugh so much and are making memories I'll cherish forever.  Being on the road with him is definitely entertaining.  We talk about some crazy things and I am allowed to peek into the windows of his heart on the long drives from home to whatever city he is playing in next.  I wouldn't trade this time with him for anything.

Last night we watched the Atlanta Braves play the New York Mets.  One thing Blake has always wanted to do is see Chipper Jones play before he retired.  Check that one of the list!  We bought tickets in the nose bleed section and had a great time with friends!  Chipper hit a home run last night and guess what?  Blake hit a home run yesterday too!  The Braves won and even though our Patriot team suffered a loss we got to do what we love to the game.  Every plate appearance, every at bat, every inning Blake is working his way closer to the dream.

I'm not sure what plans the Lord has for my son, but I see Him shaping his character each and every week.  He is learning to be a good man and I'm so proud of him.  Believe it or not this game he plays every week plays a huge role in that process.  His face lights up when he is on the field, especially when he is behind the plate, and he is his best self when doing what he loves.  This summer is about so much more than baseball.  His heart is so blessed.  He is so grateful.  So focused.  So happy. So thankful we have the opportunity to do this.  He tells us every week how much he appreciates being allowed to travel and play.    I am one blessed mom to be allowed to witness his true heart again and again.

Blake is dreaming of traveling to Italy next summer to play baseball,  Its completely out of our budget, but he knows that if its inside of God's will for his life that it will happen.  He has to work and save and find a job that will still allow him to make practices and games all year, but I don't think its impossible.  It may happen for him.

We have 6 more games here in Atlanta before we head back to the great state of Texas.  I expect we will be heading home Wednesday or Thursday.  Then we will be working toward completion of Ash's birthday props.  Her party is going to be so sweet.   I'm really excited about our little one turning 7 years old.  She is happy and delightful.  Full of joy and enough of an ornery spirit to keep life fun.  We laugh with her every single day.  I'm so grateful for her life.

Just thought I would update the blog.  I know the posts are few this summer, but traveling has me wiped out!
Hope your all well and enjoying your summer.  Take care.  Trish


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