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Just a Peek...Down on the Farm

There are a thousand things I want to show you.  So many wonderful things from Ashley's Acres.  I haven't seen but a few of the pictures from Saturday evening, so I guess all the little details will have to wait for now. So many are asking to see pictures and wondering how it went that I decided to go ahead and share the few I do have. 

It was an amazing celebration of Ashley Kate's life.  We had the best time!  It was a little country and totally fitting for a Texas girl!  She enjoyed it so very much and I think our guests did too.

Here is a front view of the walk.  The ranch entrance was amazing!  Ashley's grand father made and designed it complete with her favorite thing...roosters!

This is the front view of the barn.  It turned out so well!  Dave and I loved designing it together.  We built the entire thing out of old wooden pallets.  Free lumber!!!

The inside wall of the barn was my favorite out of everything we did.  I collected old farm equipment, tools, and dishes all summer long from my dads place, flea markets, and garage sales.  

Another amazing cake by my sister Toni.  She always comes through leaving me speechless.  I'm so blessed by her talents and her willingness to make it a point to always be a part of Ash's celebration.  

The rooster!  Ashley's favorite part of her whole party!  There were lots of ups and downs over the summer as we tried to secure chickens and roosters for this party.  Every time we thought we had some they would somehow meet their end.  My heart was so sad.  The day before her birthday Dave found this beautiful guy and a hen who was just a beautiful.  They were a hit!

We also had precious baby bunnies, a pen full of small hens and roosters, and this:

This pony was perfect!  He was so gentle and amazing.  All the kids loved him so, so much!  

Something about this picture that I just love.
Ash with her toes on the bunny pen.  She couldn't hold any of the animals but she loved watching them.

Ash was thrilled to meet the pony.

The little details are what made this party work so well.  I can't wait to show everything.  From flowers, to monograms, to the lighting, the menu, and all the activities.  So many things that made Ashley's Acres the perfect place to spend an evening with family and friends.

To all who attended I just want to say you blessed our hearts with your presence.  Thank you for choosing to spend and evening with our Ashley.  Your always welcome to come again.


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