Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Our Sweet Ash... feeling bad today.  It makes my heart so sad.  Last night she went right to sleep without any giggling, playing, or silly antics.  I commented to Dave about how tired she must have been. 

This morning I realized it wasn't that she was tired.  She's not well.  She's been crying off and on all day.  She's got an ear ache.  I know its a bad one because she's complaining about it.  It takes an awful lot for Ash to complain about something hurting.  She's so tough its hard to figure out when somethings wrong with her.  I know she's not feeling well when she starts telling me about it. 

She's got a low fever.  She isn't up to playing.  Not even with her Ipad.  She just feels bad all over. 

Her labs don't look so good this morning.  Her CBC registered low numbers across the board.  Her CMP registered a few panic values as well. 

Your prayers would be appreciated.


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