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Party Details...Part 3

I decided to take a little break from writing about all the details (although I know there are still lots I haven't covered) so I could share some of the other photographs.  There are so many good pictures that truly capture the spirit of Ashley's Acres and how much fun we all had celebrating together. As I go through the photos I can feel myself smiling.  You know its a good picture when the image brings joy to your heart and a smile to your face as you remember the event.  I thought you might enjoy seeing some of the fun the kiddos had.

All I can say about this collage is that I absolutely LOVE every picture in it.  Especially the joy on my sweet Ashley Kate's face in the lower right photograph.  

This collage captures the beauty of the pony who came to visit Ashley's Acres.  Truly a blessing to our hearts.  The willingness of the owner to spend the evening celebrating with us touched my heart so very much.  I will forever be grateful to have had them with us.

Sweet babies!  I LOVE these photographs!  Yummy watermelon being enjoyed by all of these precious girls.  Love, love love it!

I know I've already said this once, but its soooo true...the animals simply made our little farm party a real "farm".  It was so fun to watch everyone enjoying the animals.  Nothing sweeter than cuddling a baby bunny!

Our Ashley's Acres celebration was one of my favorite parties ever.  We all had so much fun.  I could have never imagined it turning out as well as it did.  All the planning and weekends spent working really paid off.  It will go down in my heart as one of my favorite memories ever.  Celebrating the life of Ashley Kate is something we look forward to every single year.  Every birthday is a reminder to our family that God is the one in control of her every breath.  He is her creator and the giver of her life.  Humbling.  So very humbling.  We choose to let go of our fears, our worries, and our unknowns on this day and just celebrate with true thanksgiving that our sweet girl is with us.

I'll get back to the "details" tomorrow.  Hoping to finish them all up.  Thank you for your interest.  Thank you for your continued presence.  Thank you for your prayers.  Our girl is 7 years old and we know its your love and prayers that have gotten us to this place in her life.  I've never forgotten or lost sight of that.  Those of you who have loved us, stayed with us, and supported us all this time hold a very special place in our hearts.

Enjoy the pictures!


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