Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


All too familiar

I've been watching Ash the last two days...knowing things were not right...the all too familiar signs...she's just not right.

Today the trembling, vomiting, and fevers showed up.

I know the game.  I've seen the routine.  I drew blood cultures at noon.

Now I wait for the phone to ring confirming the all too familiar.  What I already know to be true...but until that phone rings I can't get meds to treat the infection.  Its a process.  The fever warrants the culture...the positive culture warrants the phone call...the phone call warrants the orders for antibiotic to be started.

As always I'm hoping for it to be any easy battle.  Something we can identify quickly, treat effectively and get back to living life as though she has a thousand tomorrows.

 At least I'm hoping for that to be the case.


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