Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Closing in

At noon today we will be at the 4 day mark for clear cultures. We have 24 hours to go.   I'm trying not to be too hopeful, but its hard when we haven't gotten a call since dropping off the labs with her new blood cultures.  There were some monster bugs(staph, klebsiella, and enterrobacter) in her line this time and to think she may be clear of them after treating for only 2 weeks is pretty exciting.

Ash feels and looks great.  No one who has seen her can believe she has a line infection.  Other than sleeping a little longer than her norm she is absolutely wonderful.  She is happy, giggly, ornery, and all that.

I'd like to slow down long enough to really compose a post and share some of what is on my heart and what is happening in our little piece of the world, but to be honest I'm just too tired.  With Ash's med schedule, volleyball, cheer, two traveling baseball teams, and all the homework and project assignments I'm running on empty.  I'm really looking forward to the fall season and all the "happys" it brings to our home.  We have a 17th birthday coming up in just two weeks and then we will bust out the Holiday decor to make our home ready for the season.  Its our favorite time of year.  Twinkly lights, carols playing, the yummy smells of Yankee candles burning all over the house...its tradition for us to have it all out and decorated by the end of October.  I have more projects planned than time to complete, but it makes us all so happy to be surrounded by all that brings us peace and hope during the season.  Its so worth the late night planning and project completing in order to give our home that special feeling.

So as we close in on the 4 day mark I'd like to put this infection behind her and keep moving forward as we live each day with the knowledge that her life is a gift.  Not promised to any of us, but so very precious that our Ashley Kate is here with us.


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