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Good Day at the Ballpark

Yesterday it was SO hot I thought I was going to pass out!  I'm so serious ya'll.  I honestly thought I wouldn't survive the game.  It was unbelievably hot! By the end of it I had a headache and was seeing spots out of my left eye.  It was that hot.


I'm not hear to talk about that.  I wanted to document and share with our family that Blake was SO blessed yesterday at the ballpark.

He hit well.  In front of the right people:)

 This summer is all about exposure.  Its his last summer to play before graduation and its a big summer for him.  He needs to perform at his best and do well.  I'm so nervous for him at every game.  We have a grueling schedule that includes a lot of travel, but the whole point is to have him seen by the right people.  I know God has a plan for my son and we are praying that if that plan includes a career in college baseball that He will put Blake in front of the right scouts at the right time.  Its Blake's dream (since tee ball) to play college baseball and we have been chasing that dream ever since.  Its been the most amazing journey as we have been privileged  to travel with and spend every weekend since I can remember with him as he does what he loves.

The most awesome thing about Blake and this journey we've been on with him is his gratitude.  He is SO grateful for every thing we do for him.  The sacrifices, the long travel days, the everything...even down to me filling up his water jug for him!  He always shares with me how much he appreciates it all and never fails to thank me for giving him the opportunity to play as we pull up into the drive after a tournament.  This is what makes it such a pleasure to bless him with this life.  He works hard on the field and Dave works hard to provide the opportunity for him to play.  Its been so much fun!

This is the second summer in a row that Blake and I have gone on the road together and the memories we are making together are just such a blessing.  We laugh, we talk, we sweat, we eat, we travel, and we nap!  Boy do we ever nap after a long day in the heat!  Each trying to fall asleep before the other so the snoring doesn't keep us awake!!!

I started the game off feeling disappointed because Blake was the DH and not catching.  I really wanted him to catch.  So I have to be honest and say I was frustrated.  I admit all of that so I can say this...God always has something better in store for us.  He really does.  The heat was unbearable yesterday.  I know without a doubt that had Blake been catching he would not have been able to hit the way he did yesterday.  I didn't know who was there watching the game, but God knew.  I think its SO cool how He is interested in the smallest details of our lives.

Anyway, Blake played well yesterday in front of his "top choice" college coaches and they noticed:)  As well as a professional scout took notice too!  At all of his games this summer there have been several college and pro scouts. As he left the dugout I noticed him visiting with some people and saw a letter in his hand.  One of only two handed out at yesterday's game:)  Blake plays ball with some of the very top prospects for next years draft.  East Texas has some amazing pitchers and four of the very best in the state and one in the top five in the country all play ball with him.  Blake's not a pitcher.  Scouts LOVE pitchers.  They are always looking for pitchers.  Pitchers get the biggest offers from colleges.  Its the name of the game.  I say all of this to make this point...he is being scouted and to stand out when you don't step on the mound and throw a 90+ mph fast ball is a big deal.  He was very cool about it, but did manage to give me an exhausted smile.  One I won't soon forget.

  Who knows if any of this really and truly will mean anything in the long run...seriously, who knows?  The game of baseball is a funny thing...but...for yesterday it was a blessing in his life and we are grateful for the good day he was given on the field.

Now its time to load up and head back out to the park.  Hes got more work to do!


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