Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Ashley Played With Us

5:35 pm 7-28-2005

Ashley woke up and played with me. She opened one eye and looked at me and reached out. She didn't have to say anything for me to understand, she wanted my glasses. I leaned over and said "Ashley, don't get my glasses!" and she grabbed them, pulled them off my face and began shaking them around. She dropped them on the bed and began clapping at her accomplishment. She won the game! She started hitting her hands together and doing patty cake, skipped the roll em up part and went right to throwing them in the pan. I asked a nurse if they could find a rattle because all of Ash's toys are back at the hotel (didn't think she would need them for awhile) the nurse thought I was crazy because transplant kids don't play so soon after such a surgery. Well the nurse finally found one, but by this time Ash had fallen asleep. She was pooped out from all the activity. How she can do so much and move around so much with such a large incision I just don't know. God is so good to her and to us.


At 9:15 PM , Blogger Troy and Melanie said...

Let me just say the power of prayer is amazing....especially when you get to watch it in action. We will continue to pray for you all. Your faith is such an inspiration, you guys are such a blessing. This precious little girl will be permanently etched in our hearts. Take care of each other and we hope that you all get to come home soon so that your entire family can be together. We love you guys and hope to see you soon.


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