Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Time for Bed

It has been a long day, but it has been successful. I am so thankfull that God gave Ashley the strength she needed today. She is really struggling tonight and we can't seem to make her comfortable, but we know this is what it takes for her to get better. I am so proud of her strength. She was so strong for us yesterday and today it was our turn to try and be strong for her. God is good even when the day seems to never end. Right now they are changing and packing Ashley's dressing so we can try to get her settled in for the night. She is not receiving any medication tonight to help her with the pain because they need her to fight to get the remaining fluid out of her lungs. She sounds very "gunky" in there and all of that must come out soon. She is the toughest thing I have ever seen. I am amazed at what she can endure. Tonight her arm restraints came off and I am so thankful for that. It was very hard to watch her struggle against them. Her swelling is down and when she drifts off to sleep she looks absolutely beautiful. Her eyes are no longer yellow and the white sets off the dark color of her eyes. Her skin is also slowly changing color. I almost see a pink, rosy glow to her cheeks.

I am feeling encouraged tonight. I can feel the prayers of precious people lifting us up to the Father, and I can't express my gratitiude enough to all who are praying for us. Your notes in the guest book have become a highlight of our days. I am truly thankful for each kind word that is offered. So many times throughout the day my mind begins to think of the little life who gave us such a gift. I can only imagine what a fighter that precious little one must of been. Each time I look at Ashley I whisper a thank you. It is amazing how much you can care for someone you have never met. I hope someday our donor family will know how much we love them for the gift they gave.

I am going to go tuck our tiny princess in to bed now. Thank again for all your love and support. We will post again tomorrow. May God Bless.


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