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Going To Bed

9:56 pm 7-28-2006

Ash played with us a bit more tonight. She claps her hands together, gives high fives and waves to us. It is such a joy to watch her do these things. All the nurses and the other moms with kids who have been here a month or more are just so surprised at what she is doing. The other moms report that their babies didn't do much of anything for 3 weeks or so post-transplant. Thank You God for making our Gherkin so tuff. Please pray that Ash can come off the vent in the morning. She is still struggling with the fluid in her lungs, but we can see changes in her swelling. I think the medication is working.

It has been such a long day. We are starting to feel very tired and we are almost 48 hours out from the surgery. There are many other families that we have followed over the past year that we have never met but have grown to care for. One of those precious families lost their son this week. I know their hearts are hurting and mine breaks for them. If you would please lift his mommy up in prayer tonight I would be so thankful. Her name is Kim.

The reality of the situation we are in has hit us very hard today. I am really trying to focus on what God has done for Ash and what He plans to do. He has given us tiny little gifts of joy throughout the day and in between my tears I am able to smile at my little Ashley. If only each one of you could see how tuff she is being. I know you would be inspired by the strength God has given to her.
Tomorrow Blake and Allie will begin to travel home. How sad it will be for me to tell them good-bye. Allie is very concerned that Ashley can not talk or cry. She is very scared, but I tried to reassure her that this temporary and that this is her chance to get well. She wanted to know why we let them make her so sick when we got here. This is too big for her to really understand. Blake has a hard time seeing Ashley looking the way she does. He did go in to see her open her eyes for a few minutes tonight. When he said, "Hi Ash, its Bubba" she attempted to grin( even though the vent is so large in her mouth) and began to wave her little fingers at him. They are so close, and she was so happy to hear his voice. I pray God will protect them as they are on the road the next two days.

We are going to go rest now. Ashley is sleeping soundly, and we are ready to tuck Blake and Al in bed. Thanks for caring. We love you all.


At 11:07 AM , Blogger Fennell family said...

I know that you are so thankful for each little wave and each beautiful smile. Ashley is only a month older than our Caleb, and as a mother I know how you must hurt for her hurts and pain. We are constantly in prayer for your family and check on her progress regularly. We get so excited for each step forward!! God is so good and isn't it awesome to know that he has been with Ashley every step of the way?


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