Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart


Morning Update

Ashley's night was pretty uneventful. She slept through the night and rested well. They have begun another attempt at weaning her off the vent today and so far she is doing better than on the previous attempts. The goal is to have her off the vent later on this evening. Part of the weaning from the vent process includes decrease the sedation and increasing her awareness, so she seems quite a bit more uncomfortable today. Please remember her in your prayers today as she begans to experience more and more of the pain.
The biggest challenges right now are looking for rejection of the new organs and infection of the central lines. We are so thankful that Ashley is doing well now more than 2 days out from surgery, but I can feel the stress beginning to set in. My prayers is that Ashley will just astound us all and not experience any of these complications. She is pretty amazing, and I know how amazing the God we serve is. I am hoping to try and calm my nerves and be able to rest on Him. His burden is easy even though mine feels so very heavy at this moment. I am feeling nervous and so I am praying for peace. How very vulnerable I feel right now. The smallest thoughts seem to be followed by a flood of emotion and tears. Please pray that I can pull myself together as Blake and Allie prepare to leave this morning. I need to be strong for them and for Ashley and right now all I can do is cry. Perhaps I am just tired.
We will try to keep posting updates throughout the day as Ashley progresses toward breathing on her own.


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