Ashley's Story

She will leave fingerprints all over your heart



There are a few numbers in Ashley's life that will forever be remembered. Just like everyone else she has a birthday 8-4-05. She has another very important day that will forever be celebrated 7-6-2006. That is "GOTCHA DAY" the date that we officially and legally adopted Ash. Another number to be celebrated is 9-26-2006. This was the day she received her organs and her second chance at life.

I am very happy to report another number in Ashley's life.

11-30-2006 4:14pm

That is the time the TPN was removed from Ashley's life. We are so excited for this number as it is something we have prayed for for well over a year. It is so exciting to see her body absorbing nutrients and putting on weight.

I have to run Allie to tumbling so I will be back later to write more.



At 8:40 PM , Anonymous Laura Roller said...

That is so wonderful!!! we have been praying for your little princess for a long time. we are so glad that she is finally off that IV. Praise God!!!! He is Good!!
Lots of prayers!!!!!
Laura Roller KC, Kansas


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