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She's Out

Great news, Ashley was officially discharged and is out of the hospital tonight. I debated on whether or not to type this tonight, but I decided to let you all share in the good news. The reason I hesitate is that Ash has had a very bad day and has done nothing but cry and whimper since 6 am. They released her and made them move out, but didn't really take the time to examine her and see the problems. Trish is on the phone right now trying to reach the transplant coordinator to see what we need to do. So yes, it is great news that she is out but I have to be cautiously optimistic because she may be right back in tomorrow. One thing I have learned lately is to not to excited about progress. We just never know when things will turn around. Tonight I pray that Ash will not have to be readmitted the day after she was released. Please pray for Trish. Although we have been looking forward to this day for a very long time things are a bit scary. Trish is excellent at taking care of Ash and she is completely capable of providing all her needs, however the task is quite daunting. A home health care company came by to visit and left a bag with 21 different drugs in it and a very complicated schedule. The job seems overwhelming for her now, but I know that in a few days she will have a system worked out and things will get easier over time.

Tonight I have so many mixed emotions. I am so excited about the TPN being discontinued and at the same time I am so anxious and worried for Trish and Ash. We are so very aware of you prayers and I ask that again tonight you please pray for Trish and Ash and that we can make a smooth transition out of hospital life and back into the real world. Please pray that we can work out the logistics of getting Trish moved into an apartment and getting a vehicle to Omaha. Thank you so much for being a part of Ashley's Story by lifting my girls up to the Lord in prayer.




At 11:15 PM , Anonymous Janiece Baldwin said...

Thank You, dear Lord for Your wonderous work in little Ashley's life. We praise You, we Thank You, Father, for this journey she and her family are on and thank You for their testimony. Will be praying specifically for Trish and Ashley's transition from living in the hospital in Omaha for the last 2 months, where they felt safe and secure, to apartment living and that the family can have a peace about this new venture. While this has been the goal, it is a little overwhelming because of the unknown and not having a medical staff right at your fingertips and that is what can be a little scary and understandably so. So much happening all at once. We do praise God that Ashley is off the TPN, that she is eating and that the medical staff have determined that she is ready to leave the hospital. We praise Him for the gift of life He has given her, for the family He chose for her. I pray for Trish, Lord, give her strength and wisdom as she and Ashley settle in their new surroundings. I pray also for all the details of getting a vehicle to Trish to be worked out.
Lord, just give Trish and Dave an extra portion of grace right now to get them through these next coming days..All these things I pray in Jesus Precious name...Amen


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