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"How do you make a snowball?"

Well it is almost 5:00 and I have not seen Dave or the kids yet. They have been at Memorial Park sledding all day. I just talked to them and they are so thrilled! This was the best blessing ever. I am so thankful they were able to see the snow before leaving for home. Allie brought me a snow measuring stick when she arrived here two weeks ago. She proudly with the faith of a child stuck it in the ground outside our patio at the apartment. She wanted to know exactly how much snow would be falling while she was here visiting. I was so afraid she would have to leave disappointed, but God knew the surprise he had in store for her. This morning as she went outside she asked, "Daddy, how do you make a snowball?" We really do have to take them to see snow a little more often. I am afraid that we may be the only people in Omaha who are actually celebrating the snow. All of the people we have talked to about it are not as happy as we are to see it arrive. It seems to have made several people grumpy, but not us. We are just feeling blessed!

Ashley looks really good today. She has spent most of the day sleeping, but we have been fever free for over 24 hours now. She has a tight grip on her Tic Tacs and she won't let go of them even in her sleep. She makes me laugh. I can tell when she is really relaxed and sleeping good by the sound of the Tic Tacs shifting in the box.

The halls of the PICU are full once again. Most of the patients are very, very sick. My heart is broken as I learn of all their stories. Next door to us there is a seven year old little boy fighting cancer. He is such a beautiful child. Oh how I hurt for his parents and grandparents. Down the hall from us is a transplant patient who is 3 years post. 13 days ago he went into rejection and he is trying to battle back. He is only 4 years old and he is an only child. His parents are also from Texas and they have the same team of doctors we use in Dallas. They are precious people. Kiley and Skyler are still here. Both are about the same. Ginny is still across the hall from us and she has such an amazing spirit. Along with these that I have mentioned there are several others who are struggling also. The halls of this unit can be so lonely on the hard days and a smile from another parent can mean so very much. I pray that they all know how very much they are loved, even if it is from a distance.

Dave and the kids are on their way here. We are going to spend the evening playing board games in the family room and snacking. After spending a day outside in the bitter cold air I am sure they will welcome the warmth of this place. I hope to breathe in every minute of our evening together and make memories that will carry me through until the next time they come to visit. I will miss them terribly. We all spent New Years Eve together at the hospital in Dallas last year and this year it will be a repeat event except our location has changed to Omaha. No matter where we are as we bring in the New Year the important thing to David and I is that all 5 of us will be together. For this we are truly thankful.


At 6:41 PM , Anonymous Janiece Baldwin said...

Praying for a wonderful New Year's Eve night for all of you as you spend this last night as a family together.
Thanking Him for providing the snow for Dave, Blake and Allie before they left Omaha.
I know the kids will have all kinds of things to report from their "snow" activities today. I'm sure they had no trouble in making their snowballs. He knew just how to end their stay in Omaha in such a happy way. He proves His love to us over and over.
So happy that Ashley had a restful day today. What a blessing.
There will be many prayers going up for little Ashley's surgery in the morning. I am so glad for you, Trish, that Dave will be there with you during the surgery. May God give your precious family safe travel back home tomorrow. We give Him thanks in all things.



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